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Yeah, I know there’s like a thousand video games I’m supposed to be talking about, but I just saw Furious Seven and I need to say some things. Hey, guys, and some of you who are here just for video game stuff, hope you don’t mind the occasional movie review. I don’t think you do. But for those of you that do know, let me just get this out of the way for transparency sake. The Rock and I do have a good rapport going. There is a little bit of a friendship there. I just want to put my biases out on the table before we begin this review, not just for some quick background. I’m not one of these hipsters that just hopped on board, like, ironically liking Fast and Furious. OK, I’ve been there since day one, 2001, with the original Fast and Furious. Loved it, loved all of them. Tokyo Drift. Yeah. You know, decent fish out of water story. But when Fast Five came out, they the movies changed completely. They became these insanely huge ensemble heist action films that were incredible. And I’ve been even more so hooked than I was on the original Fast and Furious because I think of them as almost completely different movies. And I would like to say that Fast and Furious seven, Furious seven, whatever I think is the greatest amalgamation of these two different types of movies with two different types of fans.

And for me, it was perfect in almost every way now. All right, kids, I know that sounds like a little bit of a ridiculous statement, but I will say that this is the dumbest Fast and Furious movie ever. So if you don’t like dumb movies and you like to nit pick things, there’s a door. Fuck you, because Furious Seven is just so much fun from the very beginning. Like seriously to the point of the opening credits where I actually leaned over to my girlfriend and I was like, is this a Fast and Furious movie? Because they literally showed they literally made light of Jason Statham walking into a hospital and committing massive genocide action hero style. And I fucking loved it. That’s the biggest surprise here. Jason Statham, a character, a villain who doesn’t really have too much purpose other than revenge, turned out to actually be kind of perfect. And yeah, he’s basically a cartoon character. He shows up in the weirdest, most random places that he has no business being, and he shows up with a big gun and a British accent. And he’s just he’s absolutely perfect. And the feud between him and Dom Toretto Van Diesel, for you uninitiated, is really, really good and surprisingly convincing. These guys want to kill each other so much that they drive headfirst into high speed collisions to do so. And, of course, they live because this is basically a superhero movie.

You’ve probably heard that already. But, you know, since Fast five, the things have really grown into ridiculousness. And now I think thanks to James Wan directing these movies, finally embrace that downward spiral into just absolutely insane this. And it’s really perfect and it’s everything I ever wanted. Yes, there’s a lot of cars here and that’s all cool. Even though I’m not the biggest car guy, I’m a big fan of punching and there’s even more of that. Speaking of punching, let’s just talk about the elephant in the room, the coolest elephant in the entire universe, Dwayne the Rock Johnson. Now, Dwayne The Rock Johnson doesn’t have too much to do in this movie. Unfortunately, he’s got a big opener and a big ending. And you know what? That’s perfect. But where Mr. Johnson is, it completely works and it’s so awesome. And he basically exists in this movie for complete and total fanservice. Every single thing he does, every single thing he says just feels like it was written for me, literally for me. I’m sitting in the theater and I’m like, this is the greatest day of my fucking life. It was absolutely perfect. Of course, everybody else in the movie is really great. I wish there was a little bit more time for Tyrese and Ludacris to shine because they are really great. Vin Diesel and Paul Walker. Great. Obviously, Paul Walker wasn’t really in it as much as I would like.

But I will say, you know, with him being dead and all, they did it pretty seamlessly. Of course, I have a super trained eye and I could really see that shit so I could tell when they were hiding Paul Walker once during a fight scene and then a couple of times they use the CG for him. But you really can’t notice it. And it’s absolutely flawless and perfect and nothing feels half assed and it all just makes sense and it’s just a perfect, perfect movie. Did I just say Fast and Furious seven is a perfect movie? It’s not, but it’s my perfect movie. Also, nobody told me Tony Job was in this movie. Are you fucking kidding me? Tony job from Bangkok. The Thai warrior has two great fight scenes with Paul Walker, and they’re absolutely incredible. This movie just has so many crowd pleaser moments. And then it also has emotion that actually works from fans who have been there since the original, you know, with Letty and Dom and Paul Walker and the whole thing with his dad. I’m not going to go into spoilers, but, you know, they did it very well. Paul Walker off was absolutely perfect. Honestly, it kind of adds to the movie and gives it a little bit more gravitas and more emotion. Knowing that these real life events affected these people and affected the way the movie was made, it all just works very nicely.

And I will have to say the amount of people saying that they were crying during the Paul Walker tribute, towards the end, I didn’t shed a single tear, but I smiled like crazy. And that’s what mattered. Seven ended for me not with a tear, but with a big smile on my face. And that is the perfect way to end a great movie and to send off a beloved character who unfortunately the actor passed away so furious. Seven works because it’s absolutely fun. I don’t know how many times I’ve said that and also the fact that it’s going to be endlessly watchable. And I swear to God, I’m not I’m not suggesting this, Jason Statham. It’s like I’ve always really liked Jason Statham. I’ve always been like, wow, he’s really awesome. Italian job, you know, Transporter, Krank, those are my favorites. But in Furious seven, it just really nailed home how fucking insanely badass he is and how good he is at his job considering he’s getting up there. He is the most badass person. But seriously, guys like I probably go on about Furious seven for a while, you know, between Star. Like James wants camerawork, the fact that Iraq did a fucking rock bottom, the fight choreography being pretty awesome, the actual practical stunt work with cars, I could just keep going with the everything, everything.

But I’m going to stop because I want to hear from you guys, what you guys think about Furious seven. We got to talk about this. I want to know what you guys think about this movie. Do you want to see it? Keep going. It’s basically it’s probably going to keep going, but you guys really want to see that. Where do you think it’s going to go? Of course, Vin Diesel has said things about New York and Kurt Russell’s character, who also forgot to mention him. He got a moment of bad Asseri, and I was totally happy with that. But I want to know what you guys think about the future of the series, the state of the series, especially considering now that Paul Walker isn’t there, that whole thing of Dom and Brian and the family thing is a little different now. And I just want to know what you guys think. So let me know below. Let’s talk about it here on Twitter, on Patrón, wherever you want. And if you enjoyed this and you like hearing me talk about this stuff, maybe liking this video, that’s it kind of helps me out. That’s pretty cool. But as always, guys, I’m Jake Belder. You know, you can like me on Facebook, you can yell at me on Twitter, you can watch me on Twitch and you can subscribe because video game.

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