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The Expendables 1 Cast- a critique by Indy Mogul

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Grace Randolph’s sentiment on individual actors in the The Expendables 1 cast:

Actor/ Character Sentiment
Jason Statham Very positive
Arnold Schwarzenegger Positive
Bruce Willis Positive
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Full-text transcript of The Expendables review:

[00:00:01] And local.

[00:00:08] That’s right, this cast could bench press the weight of the entire audience you’re watching beyond the trailers review of The Expendables. This is either Stallone’s greatest idea or his stupidest I mean, the man’s built up a lot of cinematic respect over the years and it all began with literally writing his own ticket with the Oscar winning Rocky. He then went on to star in a number of top action films, many of which he contributed to the script or outright wrote himself. He also took up directing early in his career. But then in the 90s, he got lost in the Hollywood machine as let others take the helm on big budget pictures that were ultimately disappointing both at the box office and audiences. Then, when his career was finally a bloody pulp on the cutting room floor and he simply couldn’t take it anymore. Stallone did what he does best. He started the slow, painstaking process of a comeback. First, a dramatic role in Coplin got the critics on his side. Then he reminded audiences what they liked him so much in the first place by writing, directing and starring in new entries in his top franchises. Both films were solid successes. So now Stone is making an ode to the genre that was so kind to him but ultimately destroyed him. The 80s action movie. How will the genre treat him this time? Either way, it does make for one heck of a reunion with the new guys paying their respects Stallone, Schwarzenegger, Willis all on screen together. Perhaps audiences will feel they need to pay their respects to

[00:01:54] Those playing in the jungle. Let’s get down to business. Get out of here. It’s a miracle. Time’s up.

[00:02:01] We’re here. Ezra got a YouTube movie reviewer.

[00:02:04] Glad to be back.

[00:02:05] Glad to have you back. How was The Expendables?

[00:02:08] So much fun, really. Who’s awesome?

[00:02:11] I like about it.

[00:02:12] Well, you’ve got, like, all the biggest stars from all time highs like ever. So Hodo Stallone oldtime Stallone. The co-stars were excellent. The script was great. It was really it was just a pleasure seeing him in a good movie. Again, borderline awesome. Oh, good. That’s good. Quarterfinalist in the neighborhood. I loved it. And you know what? It’s funny. It reminds me of my street protest. The video game, you know, like finishing this film is like incredibly gory. So, so much fun from beginning to end. It feels like, you know, you can feel their pain when they’re getting hurt. Oh, yeah, that’s awesome. There’s seems to be like a lack of chemistry between some of the actors, but it has awesome action. Good quips, you know, funny lines, and it doesn’t take itself seriously, which is important. How would you live in a trailer to the movie? The trailer is crap compared to the movie trailers crap. They held back a lot of the good scenes and I would recommend day, but to go see it, just sit back and enjoy yourself and you’ll see Stallone at his best actor.

[00:03:16] Are you most excited to see you back on the big screen?

[00:03:18] I would say so long, Arnold. Yeah, yeah. I would think the scene where he’s definitely doesn’t disappoint has the whole crowd laughing. Well, I like Jason Statham because he’s pretty. Yeah. So my Stethem was amazing. He was. The interaction between him and Stallone was amazing. To be honest, I think it’s not more of seeing one particular actor. It’s more to see what they did together.

[00:03:42] So what do you think that 80s action movies have for today’s movies? Don’t.

[00:03:48] I think people try too hard these days, like, I think diehards, probably one of the best films I’ve made were personal interaction between the characters, and that’s what this has. This is actually my introduction to Stallone movie. Actually, we’ve never seen the original Rocky.

[00:04:05] No one knows the long from the stall to working for you here. Nope. You still like that?

[00:04:12] Still loved it. I’m going to watch all of his movies right now.

[00:04:15] We work for a good time. You see Rocky Balboa? Yes, I did. Did you see the last Rambo? Yes, I did. How do you compare this movie to those two? Better than both. Oh, really good. Movies are good.

[00:04:25] Yeah, they were good with this one. This was pretty good. I give them a seven. I give this a 10. Oh my God. I’m giving it a ten or nine point five. I’d give it at least a seven and a half, I’d say.

[00:04:35] Soliday anything else you’d like to add?

[00:04:39] Just continue watching beyond the trailer and please go see The Expendables as well. Stop. OK, very good one. Also, it’s a good movie weekend.

[00:04:46] Stallone does not disappoint his audiences. Give The Expendables on nine. And don’t forget that The Expendables is the focus of this week’s one sentence review challenge. If you’ve seen the movie live, you’re one to 10 rating below, as well as your one sentence review. Whoever writes the best one gets a free pair of AMC movie tickets, and I’ll announce the winner this Sunday on my Facebook page. I’m Bruce Randolph and I hope you’ll go beyond the trailer for these other top movies from.

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Grace RandolphPositive
Sean ChanderMeh
Decker ShadoNegative
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