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Fast and Furious 7 film critique- by Schmoedown

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Well, Mark, don’t let anyone tell you, not a morning person, you look beautiful. Thanks, Olive Garden then, Helen.

Hello, Snowville. No, it’s not Mark Ellis, I was lucky enough to have Alisha Malone join me. What’s up? Hey, how’s it going? We’re talking about Furious 7. You saw the title. You clicked it. And it is it’s essentially the start of the summer movie season.

Yes. This is a big one to start off with. I was really lucky. I got to see the midnight screening at South by Southwest. The audience was going nuts. It’s a perfect film to see with the packed crowd.

You know, you say that and it is absolutely true. This is an event film. It is. And it’s going to show in the box office for sure. Now, James Wan takes over the franchise from, you know, The Conjuring and an insidious, insidious or.

Yeah, he is conjuring solar as well.

Right, right, right, right. So he is this is new for him. And he’s taken over a franchise that has really just transformed and evolved from this just kind of small car racing franchise to a big blockbuster action film.

It’s actually been quite smart what they’ve done. They’ve kind of erased all the history. They’ve really plotted things, got rid of the plot holes. Now you have this whole new franchise and it gets more and more ridiculous every single time. But that’s what you want from this kind of movie. You want over-the-top, insane fun.

That’s the point, is that I didn’t like this movie as much as I liked five and six, but I certainly enjoyed it.

I really did. It’s at the cartoon at this point. It’s a comedy at this point. And there was a lot of laughs for sure. In a fun way.

In a fun way. It’s meant to be fun. There’s a ridiculous one liners. The stunts are so implausible. Oh, yeah. They walk away without a scratch on them. But you know what? It’s fun to watch. It is very manly movie, but a fist fights a lot of Hot Shots, a lot of potshots.


Now what I’ll say also is that, like Lisa said, if you’re going in this movie at all, that’s not real, then don’t see this movie because everybody’s jumped out of speeding cars and getting hit in the face with God knows what and surviving. But it really is like watching a Saturday morning cartoon and you have your favorite characters. The one thing is I wish the rock would have been a little more when he’s in it. He’s great. He’s got some great lines. And Jason Statham, I want to run around being Antonet, you know what I mean? He really is. He’s the Terminator in this movie.

Yeah, he he does a really good job. Talk about implausible that the fight between him and the rock. Oh, it’s fun to watch, but there’s no way that they would be that evenly matched.

I don’t think not even the fact that it’s evenly matched something that happens without spoiling it at the end you’re going OK, because right. Right at the end of that, you go, oh, that can happen. Then I have to really suspend disbelief. Yeah, but I would like to see Jason Statham have like a team. He’s really just kind of by himself. He just shows up randomly. Kurt Russell has a lot of fun being like the guy who’s working with Dom and saying some cool one liners. Yeah. Yeah. So it’s you know, what it is though is that like I said, I did enjoy it. I had fun. It’s a sure popcorn movie, but I could feel Justin Lin missing, even though I love James Wan and I thought he did a great job filming the action. I felt like the electricity from five and six wasn’t as in tune as it was excuse me. Five and six were really into it and seven not as much.

Well, James, one had a really tough job with the loss of Paul Walker. I thought they handled that storyline perfectly. Unless you’re really looking for it. I don’t think you can tell the Saints. But his brothers were doing a of him. They did that really well. And you’ll tear up at the end here up at the end hashtag for Paul. They did it so well, but James won. It doesn’t feel like a James Bond movie. He fits in with the franchise, but there’s nothing that shows his directorial style.

Right? I mean, the very beginning did. And I thought it was going to be jarring to me, but then it fit into the tone. And I think that you’re going to wind up as they of this franchise. I really think you’re going to see more of the Rock and Vin Diesel together. I think that’s going to be the replacement. I think people will be accepting of that because when the rock is on screen, I don’t know how it was when you saw it. People were hooting and hollering. It was and it was the rock that I wanted to see when he was first announcing he was going to be in movies. This is the action star that he has become.

Yeah, I would love to see a spinoff involving the Rock. I think Furious seven would actually be the perfect end to the franchise. It won’t end because money. Yeah, and it’ll keep getting bigger and bigger and you’ll have to keep topping itself. I like to say that they’ll eventually jumped the shark, like literally building jumping sharks. At some point this is going to get more and more ridiculous. But I wish it would end the plot, though. I defy you to explain it to me.

I’ll try it real quick. The plot is that the team now are being hunted by Jason Statham. And in order to find him and make sure that they can’t that he doesn’t cause any more destruction hurt Russell helps them find with this technology like, OK, here you go.

We can find them anywhere in the world, even though he’s pretty much going to show up anyway. You guys can hunt him, whatever. And then there’s some other plot going on. And so and you say, who cares? Let’s watch explosions and fun so many characters. It doesn’t matter. It doesn’t matter. It’s just fun. Overall, I had.

Fun with the movie implies the franchise can carry on. I thought they handled Paul Walker in a great way. Three point five out of five smiles.

Yeah, I’m going to go three point seventy five out of five in unexpected for me. He doesn’t usually like blockbusters, but this is exactly the kind of film that you want it to be. It’s ridiculous. Makes no sense at all. But it’s really enjoyable. Fun popcorn time at the cinema.

So there you go. Go and check out Fast Seven and Furious 7 and make sure that you comment and let us know exactly what you thought and check this character out not only on Schmoes. No, but she does profiles and AMC Eye and AMC Rewind. Look at that like that. And she got robbed. She should have been the screen junky’s moonface champ. That’s right, Bella.

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