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And local.

Any questions about.

This night at the museum was a huge holiday hit back when it opened in time for Christmas in 2006, quickly becoming the second most financially successful film of Ben Stiller’s already impressive career. But summer movie season is a whole different ballgame. Can this family action comedy compete? Maybe it can. But director Shawn Levy and producer Chris Columbus aren’t taking any chances, thought Owen Wilson, Steve Coogan and Robin Williams were more than enough to back up Stiller. Well, now Fox has added Hank Azaria, Bill Hader and Christopher Guest to the list. And to top it off, Amy Adams joins the cast as fellow sleuth and romantic interest for Ben Stiller.

 I’m just going to skip over the weirdness of having Stiller security guard fall in love with the wax museum figure of Amelia Earhart, as well as the fact that in real life Earhart wasn’t much for romance. As she told her husband she didn’t expect him to be faithful to her, nor she to him. Well, just let the Mira Nair Hilary Swank biopic explain all that when it comes out later this year. Astronaut at the museum to Fox is angling to make it a big summer event because there’s nothing that interest kids more than museums during summer vacation. Oh, it’s also an IMAX. Hey, wait, why isn’t Terminator Salvation on IMAX night at the museum?

Two, three hundred Braveheart, Gladiator. All these movies are questionable when it comes to historical accuracy. Does Hollywood have an obligation to get it right or just to entertain? Write your comments down below. And after the break, we’ll find out what audiences think of Nottingham Museum. Two filmmakers.

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You’re watching intimate, I hear one of you does a really good impression from the movie Firepower.

Oh, boy, Firepower fighter pilot.

That’s great. What made you come into the United Museum to today? We came because our kids are out of school and we’re on vacation and we wanted to see it on IMAX. Is it worth seeing in IMAX? Oh, yes, it is. All of the characters coming out in the movie made it more fun, I think, for us.

And the kids wanted to go see the museum too today because I didn’t buy their tickets.

So it was a surprise. Yeah. Was it a good surprise? Yes.

I came with my kids from school teaching social studies. And it’s a good movie.

It’s a fun movie to watch. What do you think? Adults will like it as much as kids? I’d say I say, well, yeah, it was childish.

So they, like, took all the bite out of it for kids. Did you see the first one? Yes. What did you think of the first movie?

Not that there’s any good sequel is measured by how they upped the ante. So the second one upped the ante. Good job.

I think the last one maybe had a little more comedy in it, little more interaction between Owen and Ben, which was fine. So social studies teacher is an educational.

Yeah. Did you learn anything right now?

Yes. What did you learn? I learned that as much as the first one had, that everything comes to life, you know. Yeah. I mean, history comes alive.

And the movie was historically accurate. And to do a nice job, it was it was pretty decent. So more for the message than history.

Yeah, I definitely think it would make them interested in seeing the things in the museum and history. And it brings it to life. Makes it fun. Do you wish only films were kind of like this? Yes. I didn’t know.

Like Washington, D.C. had a big, like museum, like it was multiple buildings. I was like, oh, so it was it was a little coeducation to borrow, like the movie.

Who was your favorite character in the movie? Wow. I got to pick one up. Larry.

Larry, maybe the cowboy. Oh yeah. Jebediah.

Yeah, I like no, I’m the bad guy. He he he’s funny.

Who do you recommend this movie for? My little sister. Yeah. Yeah. I love it.

Definitely, Garcia. It’s just it’s fun for the parents as it is for the kids to see a third. Oh yeah.

Well but where else can a film, a museum, maybe the Louvre in Paris or Cairo where you go.

No museum through the Louvre. What do you give this movie on a one to ten?

I would give it a ten, ten, six and eight. I’ll give you like six and a half.

Looks like not at the museum. Two is solid, if not spectacular family entertainment as audience is given an eight point five and looking to go beyond beyond the trailer friend me on Facebook where you can ask me anything you want about movies and discuss my question of the day. It’s a movie news feed you can interact with. I’m Grace Randolph reporting from AMC Empire 25. And you’ve just gone beyond the trailer.

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