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Characters Of Kung Fu Panda 3- a critique by Jeremy Jahns

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[00:00:02] House. Kung Fu Panda three. So Kung Fu Panda three is the third installment in the remarkably enjoyable Kung Fu Panda series. In this one, PO now becomes the teacher of the martial art of kung fu. And then he meets his father and finds out that there are more pandas, that there’s a whole panda village there because they’re to hang out, learn the art of Chee. Meanwhile, a big, bad spirit warrior Bati named Kai bust out of the spirit realm. Now he’s on Earth and he can steal warriors XI and then turn them into Emerald versions of themselves that fight for him. And now he’s coming after the pandas. And the only one who stands in his way is, of course, the Kung Fu Panda. What I like about these Kung Fu Panda movies, do you think after the first one is going to learn kung fu? Now he knows kung fu and then the second one, I thought I was going to be a bumbling idiot again. And he always is kind of clumsy. He’s always that black sheep of the kung fu world and the Kung Fu Panda movies. He always remembers what he learned before is just the next step up. Now we need to learn the next thing, which never really wipes the slate of his character clean. He never starts from scratch. It’s always spring boarding off the last one. Props of this franchise for that. And the villains have always been great, although the villains in the first and the second Kung Fu Panda. In this one, he takes souls of warriors, turns them into zombie versions of themselves to fight for him. [00:01:15] And he has the blades of chaos. We go to war. He’s ultimately singsing for mortal combat meets credos from God of war fused into one bati. This movie pretty sweet if you ask me. The animation in this movie’s great is fluent, it’s solid, it’s detailed. The kung fu segments are really exciting. It’s just well animated, well executed. It’s a family story. I mean, Kung Fu Panda has always been a family story, but in this one he’s learning how to be a panda. So he’s ultimately learning how to be lazy. I feel like this is an element that’s going to gravitate to adults more because, I mean, the father who raised him kind of feels insecure about it when his biological father comes into the scene. I mean, that’s a family dynamic that a lot of people have seen. But you have to be older in order to have seen it in real life when it’s all going down is hitting the fan. You can’t help but just sit back and be like this. Kung Fu Panda trilogy is a solid trilogy, if ever there was one. It’s not Toy Story for me, but this is some good stuff with all these new characters that just bring in all the panda characters. The original five kung fu masters kind of get left in the background in this movie, except for Tigress. She’s in it more than the others. But ultimately they’re like, hey, move aside, make room for the newbies. [00:02:18] And the first thing I thought when I walked out of this movie is I felt that there should have been a one on one mano a mano kung fu slam fest. I should have happened between Chi and Po. This should have been kung fu madness one on one animated to its full glory that we’ve seen this movie in franchise can do. In the end, it was more of a story based resolution, so you didn’t really get that. But in the end, Kung Fu Panda three was solid, great character, great build on the already established character of PO from the previous movies, great animation, great kung fu, solid villain. Take your family to see it. Take your kids to see if you’re a fan of the other Kung Fu Panda movies. You have to watch this. This is, I mean, is a concluding chapter of a trilogy now. Is it the last Kung Fu Panda we’re going to get? I don’t know. Probably not, but I love it when a trilogy comes together and you have a solid one here. I will say Kung Fu Panda three is definitely worth buying on Blu ray. I get your Skardu shoes ready, guys. The Kung Fu Panda movies, have you seen them? What did you think about them? What’s your favorite Kung Fu Panda movie? Whatever it is, whatever you think, comment below. Let me know. And as always, if you like what you’ve seen here and you want to see more, click right here to see more skiddy.

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