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Papertowns Characters- a critique by Movie Trivia Schmoedown

by Flikrate Editorial
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Schmoedown’s sentiment on Paper Towns actors:

Actor/ CharacterSentiment
Nat WolffPositive
Cara DelevingneMeh
Austin AbramsPositive
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Full-text transcript of the Paper Towns review:

[00:00:08] Hello. It is the review of paper towns, it’s the new John Green, it’s a novel turn. We also did Fault in Our Stars.

[00:00:16] Yeah. Did this movie make you emotional? You seem a little flustered.

[00:00:20] It’s also the ultimate showdown.

[00:00:22] It’s a coming of age tale. And those always get Christian and to some extent me as well, if they’re done right. And this is one of those movies that I think really gave me the feels at parts. I didn’t love every portion of the flick. But overall, I can recommend this. You should go see it in theaters.

[00:00:35] I agree. I did not read the book. Our writer Alex Welch, who was a big fan of Loves the book, said it was very different from the book. So I think that that’s one of the things if you have a lot of emotional ties to the books being different, what’s a lot of, I guess, books do with this might be something in particular. But for the actual movie, I liked it a lot. I thought that Wolf is a likable dude, had great chemistry with his friends. I thought that element worked really well.

[00:00:59] That helped. And that was my favorite part of this movie, is when it turns into sort of a road trip vibe, a stand by me, if you will, because the premise is that Wolf lives across the street from Kara Dunovant, that it did her and she’s just this mysterious girl and he always has a crush on he’s kind of her when he or she says, Winnie Cooper, if you will. And he never quite they end up running in different circles and they never get to hang out that much until one fateful night. They go on a great adventure and then the next day she disappears. But Christian, she left some clues as to where she may be and maybe Nat and his friends can follow the clues and find her and true love. You know what

[00:01:33] This movie kind of reminds me of a little bit was I don’t know if you saw it, obviously, and not great element out of it, but you put like the chemistry with the friends in this kind of coming of age story of these kids trying to figure themselves out and the most coming of age stories. But it’s just what stood out to me the most was the chemistry, again, with these kids and where they were going in their journey in life. I thought the comedy worked really well. I agree with you. I think sometimes it just kind of plodded along for a bit and they didn’t really know where I was going because that girl was so good in the beginning. I know in the book she’s gone for a while, too. Yeah, I wanted to see more of her even who was I don’t know who was going to flashback or whatever it was. She drops out in the hot girl from neighbors.

[00:02:11] Yeah. She doesn’t pull Rosamund Pike. We get to follow her adventure as well. You kind of follow these kids, but I actually like that more. There’s there’s touches of American Pie in here, too, the less raunchy American Pie, where it’s kids coming to the end of their high school career and realizing that they’re never going to have these kind of days again. So they want to get the most out of it. Leading up to prom. There is kind of a step for his mom and just a tiny bit. But there a lot of humor to be found here. It’s a nice film, I think a great movie to take a date to. And you’re right, Nat Wolff and Kara deferment for are stars. I think that they’re going to be in movies for years to come. And the kid who played radar, keep your keep your love that. Keep him on your radar.

[00:02:45] Great guy. I don’t want to ruin that throughout the movie, too. So I, I did like this movie. I think it is one of the better movies that has come out coming of age and a little bit.

[00:02:53] But I got to ask you this before we schmoes, though, as a parent, how do you feel about Margaux’s parents just being like, oh, well, she’s I guess I guess I guess she’ll come back eventually.

[00:03:02] A bunch of assholes, three point eight out of five months.

[00:03:05] I’m going a little hi. I’m going four out of five schmoes. I didn’t find it all of that believable in spurts, but I enjoyed watching it so much. And the chemistry between the weeds really got its cause into me emotionally speaking. So you should go check this out.

[00:03:18] Fun fact, too, for those of you who’ve seen the 1992 boxing movie Gladiator, which I

[00:03:23] Loved, James Marshall, Cuba Gooding Jr. didn’t think I knew that

[00:03:26] His love interest played the mom. You definitely didn’t know that. So ultimate showdown, right, SHMO? Speaking of which, the ultimate showdown it starts tonight are already on the channel at this point. Go and check it out. First match team newbie Sasha Pearl River, Myrie Jerrycan, First Team Jedi, a.k.a. Team alone, which is Ken Navsog and Mike Black.

[00:03:45] We don’t know who advanced, but you guys probably do. So if your bracket is still alive. Congratulations, it’s March Madness, baby. Anything can happen or.

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