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Film review of Cars 3- by Double Toasted

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And brother, agree with you, oh, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, let me just say that I busted this hole, you pushed me to the back, and now I’m talking and saying stuff you don’t like. You’ve got to come in and cut me off.

Now, before we get started with our first review tonight, which is going to be cause three, let me see what people think that we’re going to do here. I put up some polls. People say that I’m going to give this a rental. They say that you’re also going to give us a rental, Martin. They say that good, we’ll give it a rental. And that Gert’s I thought they would have boarded up some bullshit. They said to be better than sex. Yeah.

For me to him for help now that Tesa got people because it was that TSA where Lightning one Lightning McQueen, that is, he went flip it up in the air and it was in slow motion.

It was all dark and gritty out the word that was heard around the world that day. And people were saying, what’s wrong with in?

Rick Recchi lightener running.

Yeah, you know, they that it was the most dramatic thing that we’ve seen in the car’s universe and people will actually where they’re like, man, I never seen cars like this before. The reason why things look so grim is because all these years it’s been fun and games with the happy go lucky Lightning McQueen, Lightning McQueen, he he’s a legend, wins every race. You know, I had a little bit of trouble when he went to radio to follow the answer that got us that win over the might.

My like cars to go watch the smoke down, know the movie trivia, show the schmoes, do the small Bill Maher even like cars.

But he came through that Radiator Springs because that’s where Lightning McQueen went to get his mojo back, get his mojo back. And now they’re saying, oh, but that mojo might be gone. You know, this time Lightning McQueen, not only does it seem like his time has come and life is passing them by because it’s a different era. But it’s also at the point where he’s up against the new breed, the young punks out there who are faster and better and slicker than he is and more dick ish and way more dick is way more and way more shit than Lightning McQueen ever could.

Now with the car series. Ya know, is no, it’s it’s no secret not only do we dislike it, we load that series at, you know, at least I do. I I’ve never looked at a children’s film and uttered those words, you know what? Fucking grow up.

And I cannot say why.

Because, look, if it’s any other children’s film out there, any other family film, fine.

I’m not I’m not going to judge it that hard. But it’s something that’s about Pixar. Sure. You expect a certain level of quality. Pixar, I don’t mind them having a misstep every now and then, but to blatantly come out with a cash grab because, look, cars, the series, the movies, both wanting to you know, they compared to the other properties that Pixar have come out with, the reason why I said grow up is because cars to me, they’ve been probably the most immature in an unimaginative of all of the Pixar movies because they they all aim low.

I don’t mind. It’s like being something for kids, but they never try to get to the emotional complexity that the that the other all the movies do. That’s why I hate not no. Not even for a Pixar movie. I hate cars. I can’t stand. You know, I made her mad.

Mad man recoiled.

Yeah, right. Yeah. Oh yeah. Hell with Manit.

I love her with the second movie they say, OK, this time we’re going to get rid of all the other cars except for the one cast member. You hate the movie. Yeah.

You got to feature prominently. That was the one where that’s really was a cash grab. It was the one where, you know, Pixar, which is kind of like, man, you know, we we just need the money right now. Not that we need the money. We just want to get some money, know the studio needs a new coffeemaker.

We want to make it. We’ve done we ran the numbers and we see that another Cars movie is going to make us money is just a straight to DVD story that’s that’s even lazy for an average children’s film.

Listen, this isn’t Radiator’s Street. I’m on approach every.

A spot parody, a you know, a straight to DVD spot parody, that’s what you do with a character when it’s been around for nearly two decades and you’ve completely run out of ideas. But, you know, you want to make the movie.

Yeah. This was the movie that Pixar made when they got drunk one night and they got a break, like we made that shit. They had a deadline. We we did. We we did. That’s I don’t know who that studio is. Definitely not us. That’s our pick. Yeah. Yeah. These assholes trying to copy us. That was us. This year they’re looking at the phone. This is what you did last night.

We made this shit.

It took some time to finally get it right. And with this, I do think they got some levels of it right.

And the reason why is because it’s all about maturity and maturity. I mean, yeah, old because that’s the whole theme of this. You know, Lightning McQueen in this. He’s going through his he’s Rocky Balboa right before Creed. You know, he’s the he’s that athlete where he’s thinking, like, you know, just just one more, you know, just just one more fight. One more one more race. You know, I got I got to get out. Then I got to prove myself and, you know, these and he doesn’t want to admit that he can that he can’t hang in these young punks.

And what I like about this is that for a movie that’s really meant for kids and and families and usually they have to sugar coat messages or won’t be so hard to me, they know sugar coating it right here with this when they tell Steve McQueen or Lightning McQueen, they’ll keep doing that, don’t you?

Steve McQueen is dead. I know. Exactly.

No, they they are telling him that, you know. No, it’s not that you were just old for an athlete. You are old, period. You know, this whole thing that you want to go on, you want to do one more. You need to get that out your mind because you can’t hang with these other guys out here. And a lot of people are telling him straight forward, you know, he’s got his his trainer, his new training is going to help him out, which is cruise Maria Ramirez play by a voice by Christina Alonso. And she’s trying to actually be nice about it. But the message is there.

You’re not too old, just race anymore. You’re just playing too old.

Did you say Lightning McQueen was here? Because I don’t see him anywhere in front of you.

It’s Lightning McQueen.

He’s obviously an impostor. And you’re an Italian stereo’s. Yeah. Yeah. Hispanic man kind of set you on.

Looks old and broken down with flabby tires. I do not. I like a challenge. I’m not that much older. I call you my senior project.

Oh, shut the fuck up, Bobby, I so you must in your project.

I like that this was something they just kept hammering that in, you know, in throughout the movie. They don’t let up. They keep, they don’t. They just get you get the feeling like wow man they, they, they this is no matter how positive things look for him, you just feel like when everybody keeps hammering that message home, things are not going to work out on paper.

That sounds fine. But the actual delivery and the execution of it, I like this movie at all.

Oh yeah. You know, and. You know, and I see that and I kind of was feeling like you at certain points, but the thing that kept bringing me back in on this and you saw this, too, right?

Yes. I’m going to get to you guys in a little bit. I want to take one at a time, but I want to put too much out there.

But I can tell you, I was feeling like Martin, and you can already tell that maybe Martin has done, you know, part ways in the face of fear and a whole cause you had been walking is going their separate you.

But I am not keep harping on his message. But there was so many ways of working in this movie, even with some of the shadiest characters that you normally shouldn’t dislike. I often felt like they had a point. Nathan Fillion. Sure, he played a sterling Mr. Sterling in this.

And one of the things I liked about that is that. The movie doesn’t let up on on a on Lightning McQueen, where he’s supposed to be the hero, the movie keeps saying, you know, don’t feel sorry for this dude. At least that’s the way I felt. They never gave you a reason to feel sorry for him because they make a good they make a great argument for retirement. And when you get the feeling that even though there might be other motives there for one of the people that want to use Lightning McQueen, you always feel like it’s for the best at telling him, man, you know, just sit down, shut the fuck up and just get this money, man.

You know, that’s what retirement is for you. A legend. Now, you ain’t got to keep going. You ain’t got nothing to prove every time you lose.

Do damage yourself.

Boy and a whole audience, their mouths were open when that car went up in the air, a human being might as well have been inside Lightning McQueen right there, because, you know, not everybody, of course, Martin, like, don’t give a fuck about that car.

I know.

But I know a lot of people would if they would just even the kids that would talk and hold on like, oh, shit, you know what? Lightning going to be OK? And it’s not that people are concerned about lightning. They weren’t. That’s why they were all set up. They’re like, oh, I hope he’s all right. But even people I could I could feel people even thinking like, OK, you know what? That’s what you get six year old ass down before you kill yourself. The movie, no matter what kind of tragedy lightning goes through, is almost like, yeah, if he would just accept his fate, he will be all right.

I feel like what you say about them saying the lightning, the lightning McQueen, shut the fuck up and let’s get this money. I feel like that’s what they wrote when they were talking about this at Pixar because like this script, it just feels wrong.

Or maybe I should say lack of a script.

It does feel tired of dated man. It feels like we were just recycling a whole bunch of stuff that we’ve had and all these other comeback stories. They even have a scene on the beach where they’re running that straight out of Rocky. There are some some good things about it. I think it looks the best out of all the car movies, which it should. And it was kind of a shame that we saw it in 3D because there was some parts of I took off the glasses and I could see, like, wow, there’s more fine detail in here that I’m missing. But because they’re having to change the depth of field, it’s throwing that animation off.

The big thing about this movement, I just feel like I was being pandered to this entire time. And the thing is, it’s not it’s not for four for me, obviously, for kids.

I’m I understand, you know, it’s a kids movie, but they seem to be pandering towards the south and the Latin market because every time every time there was a moment of of let’s sit back and relax, a reggaeton song would come on. Or like they they were thrown in a whole bunch of random characters.

It’s like, yeah, there is this name in this. They get it. It’s Hispanic, Hispanic people go see our movie. So like, yeah, it felt like they were pandering a lot too to a certain demographic.

You know, that’s where I get into my things that I thought where were wrong with the movie because I do have some complaints myself, like the so-called antagonist in the movie, which is a Jackson storm, a Jackson storm voiced by Armie Hammer, that is name.

But I, I like what his character represented because while I was spinning, like, you know, lightning need to get on at this game, as he has done, and quit trying to get this last bit of glorious done.

But there would be that point where Jackson storm would come in and he would talk so much shit. And I was like, I see why lightning can’t quit. There’s a lot of things that he could let go. But when he’s when he’s young, dudes come in and they just start taking these digs at him in the most asshole his way and just just like twisting it once they sink into him. I was like, no, you can’t let that shit go, man. You have no idea what a pleasure it is for me to finally meet you. Oh, thanks.

But did you say meet or beat?

I think you heard me. Fuck you. You know how that character actually pissed me off. But at this point, I don’t know. I mean, you know, I didn’t come on. You know, it’s a kids movie, you know, family films. So I didn’t mind that it wasn’t that deep. But at the same time, I thought that they could have done more with that character. I thought that they could have flesh it out. Just a fleshed out just a little bit more. He’s there to race, be Lightning McQueen and talk down to him. And I thought that, you know, this serves its purpose, but could they push it just a little bit more with them, especially with ambitions that they had and the rest of the film? I’m thinking, yeah, you know what they could have.

I think it made it really clear that I hate this world so much and it makes no sense, no matter how you look at it, even when just in that clip you just played, look at their eyes. When they look at each other, it just looks so weird to me that they moved so far to the side because they can’t move anything else. It’s just like and seeing that on screen is just odd, like the huge big screen. That said, while I agree with a lot of your guys is criticisms, I felt like there was still less of that or those problems present in this movie than there was in the first one and definitely in the second one as well. I thought they pandered more to the South and more to like Hispanics in the first and second one for cars one and cars to this one. I think. I don’t love it. I think it’s hands down the best of the three.

Yeah, I knew there was a reason I was mean, you know, I was like, hey, look, I’m just going to say what I have to say, because this is funny, right? Like, normally we’d be having a good time. I to be like laughing about things, looking at these clips. And these motherfuckers hate us so much. They looking at me like I’m a fucking kill you because I can sense that I like this and they just they just ready to pounce on me. They read it loud. They look like, get out of your head.

If you were just licking your lips looking at me, are you looking at me? Lick my. Because you’re saying it sounds like it’s not just me.

You see, it’s not just the movie just got a broken down. It just look, they both looked at me like this is so fucking saying. But that’s that’s not what I’m thinking. I just feel like I’m being judged the whole time.

No, I’m watching the movie and you’re and you’re here and you’re liking these things about it. And I’m and I’m thinking like, man, I got to break his heart and I don’t I don’t know you Engelbrecht break my heart like I got to break his heart.

I’m ready for you. I mean, you’re like dislike what you what you will. I just felt like. All right, I’m just going I’m just going to have to like just pull this on my own because everybody’s going to jump on me and they’re going to hate me. And I’d like to say you like the movie you don’t like it with that puts no money in my pocket at all. Like it’s just the way you always just over the just sullen, just like I would just be like, yeah, man. And it’s not just like, you know, this poor motherfucker, but he was going on. He was like, I go for you got it. But I’ll continue because I think you might get where I’m coming from. And I’m glad somebody understands me because you know the movie. Yes. But not because the because like you said, there are some things that in this movie where there are problems.

And I will say that with with what they’re doing here, with this this whole message about them, about them being old and not being able to, like, compete anymore, it’s it’s it’s to the point where it’s such a large part of the movie that some of the jokes do fall flat.

A lot of them do. Yeah. I’m not going to say the whole all these jokes are bad, you know, some hit. But there are a lot of puns in here. They’re not even clever because I don’t take advantage of this car’s world. Some of the jokes so bad, I almost walked out. I’m no work, but there’s some in here that, you know, that just they just fizzle out, Mindstorm. And some do work. And because of that, this might be a movie that probably is more serious than it needs to be. They have some set pieces in here and the things that they do that I said, all right, now this is this is what you should have done. This is what you should have done. The first two films playing with car themes like the part where they’re in this derby, this this is like a demolition derby that they got to do almost turn into deliverance. At one point it did because it was it was, first of all, is dark and they’re in the middle of this redneck part of town. Yeah. And and and all these and all these cars are trying to kill each other, the mud. And the craziest thing about it is that you have lightning and crews being chased by this big ass lesbian bus.

Look here, boys, got us a couple of rookies.

Crews like fuck that.

That’s that’s one of the few moments when a car is actually interesting. No, I like the way crews are like am night going up there, the crews my in and before anybody says no.

Yeah, that’s really insensitive cause you call it a big ass lesbian a bus. Why? Because it’s big and I’ve got a female voice. Yeah, exactly. Because it’s voiced by a lesbian female. The chick from Orange is the new black guy. It’s Boulard Deloria. Yeah, yeah, yeah. You know, I looked at her, she’s actually doing some promo for it. So I’m not just sitting up here, you know, just stereotyping because the big ass manly bus, which it is. But, you know, it’s it’s and it was cool. Like I said, it was kind of weird in his own way. And I like that, you know, a bunch of redneck gladiators, all these cars right here. But yeah. So you agree that they use this kind of wisely?

Well, yeah. Any time there’s cars are actually being cars and racing and doing things like that. The action scenes are done well in this. When when Lightning McQueen is having his accident, you’re like, all right, this is really interesting. There’s debris flying everywhere. The sparks, there’s actually some tension even here. There’s some some tension I’d feel for, you know, maybe something can happen to these characters. And I don’t want anything bad to happen to them is relatively calm.

And then you get to the scenes with cars like that scene at the Derby, you know, it’s fast. They do what cars do. But it’s also if you look at the camera work right there, it feels like it’s handheld. You can feel the panic of these cars. I almost feel like you’re being dropped in the middle of traffic or something. But see, the reason why I like the movie is because but for myself, it is the quieter, more serious parts of the movies that work. They they get to certain points where they start not only just talking about aging, but Lightnin is he’s hanging out at a bar with a table full of of retired cars, the retired racers. And they’re telling him and I like how profound those messages are. They’re like saying, yo, man, look, this whole thing about you trying to get back out there and prove yourself, just accept this new phase of your life, you know, don’t you feel like you’re losing meaning in your life?

But if you accept it, you’re going to get new, you’re going to get a new meaning and you’re going to be able to do things you might be able to learn from your own past. And I felt like, wow, I’m watching real characters. This is what Pixar is all about. And these scenes and you know what? And and yo, you got to me so, so much. We had that conversation about you, about those will not make any sense that I was going through the movie questioning, said I was too like like those those those Kalik those cow trucks that like they got these these tractors. And they’re not like the human version of cars, a cow example.

What is their function. Do they eat them, you milk them, what do they do. But the thing is, is that they look just like any other car. They don’t look like animals. It’s like it’s like if human beings went around the world talking about movies. Yeah. It don’t make any sense.

And I get that and it was points. But that was bothering me in the movie. Same, but at the same time I was like this a lot of good storytelling here that I can look past that. And to make me look past stupid shit like this, they must be doing their job.

But at the same time, the movie is so disingenuous about all those things. So Johnny Johnny Thunder. What’s his name? Joe Jackson. The Jackson Storm. OK, yeah. Jackson Storm is the new model. He’s hot, he’s faster. And they it’s not enough for that to be the thing that he’s young and he’s faster. They’ve got to make him a cocky asshole about it. And I was like, it’s not really necessary for the message you’re delivering, but let us not forget which. The movie seems to have forgotten that when we started Lightning McQueen was that cocky asshole, not like this, that he was never in the first class.

That’s the whole reason he had to go to Radiator Springs. Well, that’s why I don’t like the first one, the main character, so unlikable. So just say movie again. Well, you know, we’re not following that character. This. Yeah, you can argue that lightning is finally seeing himself, but.

But, you know. No, no, you’re right. You’re right. He should, but he doesn’t. I kept waiting for that moment where he said, you know what? That was me. I get it. You know, this is the cycle. But he doesn’t for him, it’s always. Yeah, man. It’s just these kids. And I can do it. I can do it. He never goes. This was me. I was I was the young guy who replaced those old racers, even going back to the old racers. He doesn’t he never that connection, the movie doesn’t admit like, hey, this is just the circle of life. This was you at this one time. Now your time is gone. Nathan Fillion like what you brought up. Yeah, he’s not a bad guy until later in the movie. They go like, oh, we need to make him a bad guy now. I was like, fucking come on, man, this dude was cool. And now just to serve your purpose, you have to twist his character into something that’s not. I wish they would just do something that would surprise me. Nope, not not one single thing. No time. They surprised me because it was what times when I was like, well, hopefully they won’t do this. Oh, they just did it.

If I. Oh, no, no, no.

I was like, please do something new. Stop ripping off your old movies, stop ripping off Turbo. Stop ripping off. Oh my God. So much is plot comes from planes to cause planes to the plot was, hey, dusty can’t race because there’s something wrong with him and he’s trying to get it back and he ultimately has to accept that, like, OK, I can’t be that guy anymore.

That’s why you don’t root for him in the movie, because he’s so blinded by his ambitions that he does not see that which he used to be. And that is why he is having so much trouble accepting who he is.

And, brother, listen, I’m angry with you. Oh, no, no, no, no, no, no, no. Let me just say that I busted this whole you pushed me to the back, and now I’m talking and saying stuff, you know, like you’ve got to come in to cut me off. I’m mad at you, brother. I was about to say you, Jeff Sessions. I agree with you, man.

I agree with what you’re saying, because there is trope after trope, you know, in this movie. It is these sports tropes that it is. It’s like because you have the training, you know, you have the whole thing of him. Like he’s like you said, he’s out on the sand, you know, and and you have the the the competitive. That’s all always talking shit to him.

I see those things in there get you like, oh my God, they get serious. What’s going to happen to him. And yeah, the crash looks bad at first, but then.

All right, we’ll we’re back to the same old same like imagine if we went and saw what was a bleed for this and he had that horrific car crash and then the next thing he’s all right. Fighting again. You bet. Well, I feel like I missed something like go three months later.

Yeah, I’m watching a Pixar movie. I to read it off. I’m not saying you got to be.

I’m not. How about, you know, don’t don’t don’t don’t don’t don’t call me that. I don’t know. Downplay what I said.

It’s just my movie technique not saying do you have to be as violent as it has to be. But if you want to show a comeback and somebody you know, this horrific crash, you’re selling the trailer on that crash like in the next scene, he’s fine. You’re like, well, then why did you sell me the movie like this?

I’m not. I mean, I think he’s bringing up good points. I think that he’s not. No, no.

But you’re acting like he’s not what you want to do this and wish I never I was being fair. They’re the first ones that told me that I was that I was copping out. They were the first ones to know who you bastard are. Opinion offered. No, no. The only thing you call me names first and I’ve been sitting up here being fair was all right because you fucked my mind up.

But this I’m like I’m like how a car is born. Yeah. How do they have sex? Like do they do this pop out your mom’s tailpipe, you know. Dude, what, what are they when you what do they look like when the little kids are you like go karts and you move up to like normal cars and you know, I don’t it’s a lot of things I don’t question.

You could do this with any of the Pixar movies. I know it doesn’t make sense. And I was like, all right, I got to pull back and just accept his world for what it is. If they are telling me a decent story, which I thought they did, that’s something the the whole car’s universe.

That’s not something that bothers me at all. When we had that discussion, when we saw the trailer, it’s like, all right, it’s cars. I don’t care if they grow like I know who the characters are, upgrades or whatever, whatever. I’m just in here watching is like I don’t I can’t emotionally connect to any of these people like me, any of these cars I respect.

I just I want to say this and I want you to understand I’m sorry if I upset you this evening.

I’m sorry, but I’m sorry if you felt disrespected. I really am. I’m sorry if I filibustered. You know, I really am.

And his medication is acting out.

I just want to put this rating out there.

I’m just I’m just old. I can’t critique like I used to you.

Yeah. I’m going to change the parts out of leaking everywhere.

You’re like the Jackson Stone. That doesn’t talk to you. I’m just saying this, and I want you to treat me this way. You know, this doesn’t require hold. It does better than sex.

Oh, I’m taking my clothes off masturbating.

You do crack up at that little car just screaming his name in the crowd. I love everybody. Crowd Yeah. That’s the funniest part in the movie. Yeah.

That is the one joke that consistently works out little cards, though, that, yeah, every time I get that little car, it is really funny because he’s just spaz out free, even lightning. What the fuck you. Oh wow. What’s wrong with him.

I am giving this amendment.

No see no I’m laughing because we went through all the format of my life to talk about the situation. Y’all got me sugar and me get out your fucking Joe. Oh yeah. Like Joe Jackson. So you in my head can’t concentrate. Yeah. Give it, I give it a bad name.

Like I said, it’s not it’s still the lower tier Pixar. But they came close to being quality with this that, that we’re used to seeing. And this is something I never thought I would see with a car series, so it’s almost like they even didn’t they don’t even acknowledge their second film.

Oh, they don’t they don’t just want the best things about this.

Honestly, I expected it to stay kind of just broad and goofy. And it didn’t. I felt like they added some humanity to it. So, yeah, for me, honestly, I was thinking about giving this a full price. But to your guys is you brought a lot of problems with this.

So let them change your mom and what you know now, you know, I got to know him, but I don’t know to your guys his credit.

It’s like now that you guys bring up a lot of good points, it’s a matinee and a good matinee. It’s worth checking out, but yeah. All right.

The crusty crew over here was damn sure.

We know there are some good things to say about this movie. One, like I said, I think it’s the most beautiful of all the Cars movie. Then some of the Pixar movies. I came in here prepared. It’s like, you know, it’s not, you know, my favorite of the car movies, but I will put it on par with one for certain things. I would have given it a matinee, but a lot of stuff that was bringing up, I was like, yeah, I forgot about that and I forgot about the Jesus. Yeah, that’s what brought it down for me.

It’s a rental.

I mean, it’s again, it’s not cars two again, what is. But yeah, they could have done better, they could have brought some more originality, originality to it and they could have played the storyline out a little bit better.

Ok, Martin Thomas, I, I was so hoping because it is beautiful. I think it’s the best looking of all three movies. And what’s it seem like in the premise. Could have been the one that would have been the best. But it’s Cobbold from too many other animated car movies already. Like, like I said, it’s, it’s planes too. It’s, it’s Cars one. It’s Turbo. And I mean, you guys I never saw Turbo, but I saw a lot of that. The snail movie. Yes. Yeah, I saw a lot of that here. And I was like, man, they just cannot do anything new here. It’s like they just playing it so safe. It’s just with the with the amount of resources they have and the kind of money they know they’re going to make off of it from don’t play it so safe. It’s kind of gross to me. It’s a little bit disgusting. I don’t maybe the movie’s not overall bad to everyone else because I’m like, look, it’s a kid’s movie. They’re the school for young audience and they’re going to hit it. And that’s fine for them. And it’s not offensive. But to me, on a certain level, it is. For me, it’s a movie. I’m like, I’m done with it. But I’d say overall it just comes down to a rental.

Ok, all right. I really thought you going go for that bullshit, man. I mean, like I said, you know, for me on so many levels, it’s a bullshit. But I have to acknowledge how pretty and beautiful the animation is.

We all remember the good dinosaur that was a problem where they had these really hyper realistic backgrounds and these cartoon characters, these really cartoony looking characters. And here being at their cars, they can blend in better with this hyper realistic background than, you know, because everything he got, you know, as I said, everything is really organic. And I think the characters fit right in with that. But, you know, you’re being fair to man.

But you well, you really don’t like when they pull from the past, man. You know, the what was it, boss baby you didn’t like when they took from Looney Tunes. You got mad at that. I remember a time when you didn’t care for that either, and then you got it here. But mine, you know, I’ll learn to move with the times.

Now, you gave me all this. You got to let the past go, man. Yeah. Yeah. I guess with the kids, you know, I got I get an upgrade. I let it go, man.

I let it go. You whole plane’s too pretty close to your heart. I really know. That’s the thing. That’s the thing is it’s not like I’m going like oh they stepped on my sacred cow to is a movie that hardly anybody sees or don’t even like that much.

And yet this movie felt they revered enough to go like, oh, let’s take the plunge fucking with you, man.

You know, they’re trying to have a human, but they failed miserably. But if these were Poloncarz, he would love that full-price.

The Windows update prank can easily trick someone when opened in full screen. It looks and acts like a real install page.

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