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All right, so we just saw Casey. Now I’m going to talk about it. So Course Three tells the continuing adventures of Lightning McQueen that is very key here because the other characters from the previous Cars movies are very much so on the back burner here. So Lightning McQueen and his story arc takes center stage. So in the story, he’s getting older and he’s still at the top of his game until a new generation of racers show up and it changes the racing game entirely. And he’s struggling just to keep up. He gets new management and a new training regime. And the question is, can he return to the top? And this is the setup for our movie. To be clear, this is a kid’s movie. The best of Pixar movies are the vaccines. You’re not even the best Pixar movies. The vast majority of Pixar movies are family movies made for the whole family that you can all enjoy. They can get quite a bit out of. The car series has tended to be more kids movies, and that’s what this really is. It tries to have adult themes, but it’s it’s a kid’s movie. And so for me, I’m going to kind of review it in that light of it’s a movie that if I have to watch this with my kids, how do I feel about this? How much enjoyment did I get out of it and how much do I think I was even the target audience? And I don’t feel like I was the target audience really at all. So with all that said, let’s go ahead and talk about this movie.

So the key things about this movie that really kind of work is the visuals right off the bat. I mean, the graphics are incredible. There’s all these shots of them driving through different cities and on beaches and through woods and forests and stuff. And I mean, it’s just astounding where CGI has gotten and it’s not like if you watch the original Toy Story, at least not for me, it doesn’t look bad in any way. It doesn’t really seem dated to me until I see stuff like this and I go, I mean, it looks real like a cartoon car with eyes and a mouth and it’s driving down the road. I’m going that that looks so real. It’s some of it’s just creepy to look at. But also along the same lines, they seem to have locked in on a story format that just makes for an enjoyable, easy to watch, easy to digest, enjoyable film. It’s a as classic as can be tried in true sports movie template. It’s Rocky three. It’s Talladega Nights. It’s the old champ returns, finds a new trainer or goes to the old ways, goes primitive, tries to explore things, trying to come back to the top. It touches on a lot of these sorts of things. It does some twists and turns and there it’s not straight. Rocky three, it’s not exactly Talladega Nights, but it certainly is following that template mart largely throughout the story. And so in that it makes for a very easy to consume movie that, you know, kids on a lot of the right emotions that you want in a sports movie.

When when I say that, I mean in the finale of this movie, kind of where the things go in that third act, all throughout the third act by audiences, oh, my daughter is clapping. She sitting in my lap clapping. I’m trying to go along with the crowd. I’m not even sure if she was following the plot. I know she fell asleep at least one time. But I mean, the crowd was loving. It was like that third act, loving, loving.

What was happening is what exactly what you want out of a sports movie. With all that said, let’s go into the negatives and man, the first. At the beginning of the second act of this movie, I did not did not like it just right out of the gate, felt clunky and the opening scene has Tow Mater in it. And it was like Tow Mater was only there because, hey, remember, Tow Mater, we don’t we can’t squeeze them into much of this movie. So we’ll put them in there right off the bat. And the scene doesn’t it sets up some later scenes, but it doesn’t really work all that well. And then it only kind of gets worse as it goes for about 30 minutes. Like there was some stuff twenty twenty five minutes into I was like, oh my goodness, I don’t know if I’m going to do this. And I got my kids here and I’m going to leave my kids here. I’m going to be arrested all because this movie is that bad. And then it picks up. It gets better. But there’s some stuff where Lightning McQueen starts being trained in a car, Jim, and he’s in a simulator. And I was like, this is really bad. This is not well conceived. It’s not clever. It’s the most base level, stupid jokes without pooh pooh and farts. Also, this movie is one of the most predictable films I have ever seen. It telegraphs its moves so far in advance. I mean, like about 15 minutes into it, they introduce some characters and story ideas. And I went, oh, the movie’s going to be in some ballpark of about right here ten minutes later and they have a couple more reviews.

And I was like, OK, it’s going to be something like this. In about forty five minutes into it. I was like, oh, this is like to this point, right? Here’s where this movie is headed. And I was right. And you’re going to watch it and you’ll know exactly what I’m talking about. It is so predictable. It is so obvious. And all that kind of goes back to this is a movie made for kids. A kid can will watch and be like, oh, wow, this is incredible where this is going. But if you’re a teenager older, it’s just predictable. It’s really, really obvious what they’re doing extremely early on in the film, it is set up in a way to make everything is simplistic and in your face as possible into some of these points of how kind of confused the movie is. A little bit of it’s written out in such a simplistic and obvious level, but the themes of it tie into the idea of getting older and aging and figuring out your place in life as you get older and discovering that, what do you do in the new joys that come with age, that don’t resonate to the audience, that would enjoy this type of simplistic storytelling, that wouldn’t figure out the twists and turns? Is there there’s a certain unevenness with it to where it made for an odd mix, because on the one hand it’s certain lines and at certain points. And I was like, that’s actually a pretty good line.

That’s actually kind of hit me as a 35 year old man with kids that are loving this movie.

But then the way the story is told, I was just kind of disconnected from it because that’s an unevenness to it, that doesn’t really work. So overall, it’s a watchable kids movie that’s really not all that great. It’s kind of like a McDonald’s hamburger.

You can eat it, you won’t hate it.

But in the scheme of things, it’s a pretty crappy hamburger. I’m going to give it a five point five out of ten. My crowd was loving the third act of it. I was really kind of disliking the first act quite a bit. It gets better as it goes along. But even my kids weren’t laughing very much in the first half of the movie. It was really the second half where they seem to in the crowd seem to get into a little bit more. And if I’m being honest, this movie is kind of established that the Cars franchise is a weird anomaly within Pixar. It’s designed specifically for kids and it’s only kids can really love it as far as I’m concerned, but it’s watchable enough. How about you? What did you think about it? Tell me down below in the comments section. I’d love to hear your thoughts on it. Maybe you can convince me why it’s better than that. I doubt it. I mean, this movie really, it’s like a whole bunch of the Rocky sequels all kind of crammed into one at the same time. And it’s not really my thing. Coming up in just a couple of days, I’m going to start talking. I’m going to write the Pixar movies. And I got a collaboration talking about my favorite Pixar movies in depth with almost Sideways Jordan.

Check that out. I would love that. If you’re new to my channel, please consider clicking that subscribe. But I do movie reviews, Reinking videos, some talk about TV from time to time and all at all. What I really love to do is not just talk about movies, but talk about movies with you. So join me in the comments section. I’d love to get, you know, in. Thank you for watching.

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