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Glass movie review- a critique by Double Toasted

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Full text transcript of the Glass movie review

Was a I think like someone’s one of the guys that finally came out and said, you know, January is not such a bad month for movies, didn’t have to pay. Yeah. You know, there’s a twist right there you’re going to hear, because in January, it was it was almost two years ago to the day where the twenty, nineteen, twenty seventeen, I believe, almost two years ago to the day that a movie came out.

Split that stinger at the end of this movie right here. I was like, this is OK. And I was on my way out and I turned what we meant does more. OK, what else is what else I got to say with is Bush.

Oh, shit, this is amazing. It’s a sequel to Unbreakable.

And Yeah, Man in Mashonaland is something that was incredible. He made a movie that was OK, in my opinion, an awesome movie.

The three of you think you have extraordinary gifts like something out of a comic book.

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And since that moment that’s the one with James McAvoy plays. Well a lot of people, the, the Horde guy named Kevin is a real identity and then he’s possessed. Ah, he has the personalities of several other people, a child, a gay person, a prim and proper woman, sort of a mistress and a psychotic beast like killer. And that is where we are right now. Who’s going to stop this this thing that seems almost unstoppable? Well, that’s what a man who cannot be broken come in now comes in because that’s what that’s what that’s what he would do.

He’s like the horde would take people and just break the back like like some kind of anaconda’s. Yeah, yeah. People say, well, what you do Bruce Willis like that. He tried. He tried. And it’s nice I got you man.

And that is where we are today. We have glass and glass is not only bringing in Bruce Willis, but as the title says it, also bringing the infamous Mr. Glass played by Samuel Jackson, the man who kicked it all off.

Yeah, yeah, yeah. You got unbreakable in the man that does nothing but break just a tap. He has brittle bone disease, but he is a super genius.

He’s a wily coyote, super genius of a black Lex Luthor, if you will.

Aren’t are you trying to put together a super villain team up? Yeah, he’s like he’s like, look, I’m like Marvel. I’m just trying to build a universe and really not people like you just trying to start some shit, you know, put these two people against each other.

What is funny, because we praise Marvel for spending ten years to build that universe, but we’re here. We got a universe that got built in nineteen years. So he got he he got the earliest jump.

Oh he sure did before Mom was even doing that thing. So Mr. Glass is a famous superhero, famous super villain.

Now all I can do is let them fight and hopefully maybe we’ll create a world of more people like this. We just need a reason to expose them. Let’s go ahead and watch the trailer for Glass.

You shouldn’t be hiding in the shadows. You might want to try and stop us.

A lot of people are going to die. Everybody’s talking about, oh, man, breakables coos ahead of his time. You know, how was before we even the superhero thing kicked off in movies like it is today? And while that’s true, I will say that the this this idea of comic book superheroes and supervillains in a real world setting is nothing new. It’s one thing to make a movie about superheroes or some sort of. Some sort of a content about superheroes and supervillains exist in the real world, but making them bend to sort of real world logic and real world rules. That’s that in M. Night Shyamalan does that. That is actually very interesting.

That’s what made unbreakable so unique.

That is what made unbreakable, so unique. It was very fun to explore that further in this movie right here, because the way it opens up, you see that it’s you know, that, you know, they’re not living in layers, are caves are. You know, I’m not you know, I’m not my poncho cave, you know, like whatever he poncho man or whatever he is. Bruce Willis is actually he has a business. He has a security storage unit with his son. He’s just living just like everybody else. He’s kind of using it to go out and find crime in.

And try to help people and, you know, just like any kind of movie where superheroes out there doing his thing, the police don’t like it, the world or not, they prepare for it. He’s a vigilante. And he and people are in pursuit of this mysterious what they call the tip top man. Well, they are a bunch of names for him. Get a tip toe man raincoat doing The Guardian, the green guardian, the Green Party.

Yeah, but but the one thing they have for him that I was not too keen on the oversea overseer and I was when they first said it, it didn’t click to me until it came out of Samuel Jackson’s mouth. And I was like, wait a minute.

Yeah. They’re actually calling him the overseer.

This does no one know the connotation of that name because he’s a superhero?

That’s not like a super villain to me. Yeah, that’s not like somebody with a lair. They keep Negroes on a plantation down the horse. The shotgun will keep. Yeah. Keep keeping the niggers working. Yeah. Making sure they don’t escape or get too uppity. So what’s your what’s your superpower whipping your ass. Get back to work.

Your costume with a white shirt, with a straw hat and a mint julep is, you know, seeing him work in that atmosphere, seeing him kind of go out and mingle with people the way he is wearing a shitty robe, gotten everything that’s raincoat, that poncho poncho.

And just the way him and his son interact with each other, work as a team. And he just goes on he goes on these walks where he just he has his other power other than his strength is touching people and knowing what they’re up to. And he just goes around just just groping people, just actually getting cock up and feels to see who’s a bad guy, who’s not.

What that does is the way imply some Lushootseed, the way he you know, his characters are very low key. And he makes you believe, like maybe superheroes can’t be read. Yeah, yeah. You know, I mean, it feels real to me. I mean, you know, at one point is like, wow, maybe he maybe, you know, some we don’t, you know, but I would you see that man in that’s Davis’s life and his son is the same kid from the.

I know. I thought I thought I was one of the most amazing things about this movie. They got the same actor to play his son and the son wasn’t bad.

That’s a great sense of continuity they had. And I don’t know the actor’s name, but it’s the same little boy that they have from the movie. And so it feels like when you have the same actor there, you recognize that it almost feels like they really are father and son, too. It’s a great continuity that’s going on there. But M. Night Shyamalan knows you. You ain’t here to watch somebody just walk the streets, you know? You know, you watch me show up and make it awkward.

Yeah. Yeah. You ain’t here to say, you know, I’m going to do. Yeah, yeah, exactly. You mean here to see a hero working his store all day, you know, like, you know, you ain’t here to play the Sims, you know, with superheroes. No. You, you know, watch him go buy groceries and all that.

No, you, you are here to you were here for this. You were here to see the three characters that you’ve got to know in this universe that he built. You want to see them get together just fucking with each other when those characters do finally meet. I think the payoff is pretty. I think the payoff is immediately very nice, you know, because when you. You know, when you do this, it’s not you know, you don’t immediately get into, like comic book stuff, there are moments of some really good drama in here with that. That is, of course, not without its problems. When I say that, when you start to meet each other, it’s cool. And there are some really good moments in there. But I think that James McAvoy, who plays the Whored here, as we told you, he posed a real real thick with those personality switches.

Yes, but she’s got praised and split four. Wow. What a great actor who can do his personality here. I thought he was a big ham sandwich. It’s not like you see the three come together. You’re like, oh, it’s going to be bad ass. Yeah, I’m just going back and forth to each other. So it’s not really when I get Samuel Jackson, Mr Glass is catatonic. Bruce Willis, I don’t mean David Dunne, I mean Bruce Willis is sleepwalk into this movie. Yes, it’s another Bruce Willis. Like I’m only here because I signed a contract a long time ago. Yeah, he’s I mean, because I’m really here for David Dunne. That’s the character I saw. Breakable. Yeah. And I want to see picked up on and fuck me because he’s he he doesn’t really do all that much. Yeah. And so it’s up to MacAvoy to just play his 13 or 15 characters and each before they felt like there was some subtlety to it and now not so much. It’s well OK.

So they first of all they say that he got ten personality. That’s bullshit.

No, no, no. It was like flipping through channels. The issue was, is this a flipping through channels? See, it will get the lights of flash every time he goes to a new one, he wants to start speaking Spanish. At one point I was like, do we turn to Univision? Yeah, you said Smith. We went to Cartoon Network.

You see, we got the beat, but Makeable is having fun with it and he is good while he’s doing it. So watching him do that. You enjoy it, but there’s a big difference between what he did and split and what he does here, and I can show you better than I could probably tell you when I show you this.

I know this seems very unfair to you, but you are stuck in this room.

Got to be for it right there, Hedwig. We get more Hedwig’s than we need, you know, a split. He was playing all these other characters more, and Hedderwick was just one that kind of came out. And I don’t know if people like voted. Hedwig is their favorite personality. They just love that kid. Headways the nine year old kid that never grows up in Hedwig, just it’s a little too much. He plays Hedwig way too much. And it gets to a point where you kind of like, OK, can I talk to a fucking adult? I know.

I honestly think that Hedwig gets more screen time than any of the other characters in this entire movie.

That’s it. Hedwig is just getting way to my head. And it was finally split when he was just kind of making an appearance here and there. All the other personalities were kind of cool. But I don’t know if James McAvoy just that he loved Hedwig and he just used to play him. He wrote them in more. Yeah. You know, I don’t know.

But I totally got a nephew that he bases in mind. He always has its source to pull from.

There are moments when when James McAvoy does pull back. And starts to it starts to play some of the more subtle characters, that’s when we get the performances. And I’m talking about the payoff, the dramatic payoff that I’m talking about, because the works, when you bring in the man who the movie is named after. That’s Mr. Glass. Mr. Glass when he comes in here. It’s great to see him again, because, OK, it’s a role where Samuel Jackson and I’m putting up something right here, it’s a role with Samuel Jackson has to actually he has to perform with his eyes because he’s he’s he can’t hardly move in a wheelchair. And if there’s one thing if you know Samuel Jackson, you fan of Samuel Jackson, you know that Samuel Jackson, he has the scariest eyes in the business. I thought I thought that was Photoshop, except it’s more it’s not so much that his eyes are bugging out like they do in other movies. And we see that terrifying Samuel Jackson with this one. The lot of the movie. He’s under sedation. Yeah, but there’s still something about his expressions where if you know the character. It makes you feel that you feel an unease the whole time because he’s plotting, you know, that he’s plotting something, you know that there’s something going on behind there.

Always been a good villain because, yes, you know, he’s plotting, but you can’t figure out what it is. Yeah. And and you don’t know how many layers there are to it.

And the moment that he comes alive and he starts interacting with with other characters, especially James McAvoy, when James McAvoy is pulled back and playing characters like like Patricia when and when they have their exchanges. I actually I love those moments, man. There’s a couple of them where they just get together and they start plotting together and scheming together and both. And that’s when you see the best performances come from those two actors. What’s upsetting you, Patricia?

What if he can’t do these extraordinary things?

Thank you, bitch, I’m not sick, I’m not crazy like you.

Everything extraordinary can be explained away in yet some of us don’t die from bullets.

That is not a fantasy.

You know, that’s a point where you see when in some lines at his best with certain dialogue and working with great actors, I thought those scenes. So, you know, I and I know you didn’t like James McAvoy with the I even I said I didn’t. But at least in those moments when he was playing somebody who had a more subtle disposition like Patricia. Did you like that? Yes. Yeah, I did, too, man. And, you know, it was emotional. And I when I will say that James McAvoy throughout the film, even when he starts to seem annoying with some of these characters throughout the movie, it does reach an emotional arc at some point, at least for me.

Did Bruce Willis in his movie, Bear in Mind is right, he don’t do much Bruce Willis movies have this movie like he’s trying to remember some.

Yeah, yeah. It’s like, did somebody lobotomize your ass in an asylum? He’s like, well, what’s really disappointing is unbreakable is all about the origin of that character, David Dunne, and we kind of barely get to see him. Do you know what he does with his powers? So you hope that, OK, now we come to this. That’s the sequel. We’re bringing him back. We get to see him had his full potential and everything that never really happens. Yeah, yeah, yeah. And especially with Bruce Willis himself, just kind of like sleepwalking.

And he’s like, oh, man, did we wait too long. The burden is right. Come on, man. I don’t know if someone I wrote you like this, but you got to wake up. Yeah. Yeah. Everything he does is even when there’s danger, he’s like, come on, you can’t do this. Right. They’re going to kill people. It’s like, well, you can’t convince me.

You see, you’re really cool about right now. They’re a danger. Not really not. And not the way you act.

And they will have a good fight scene early on. I mean, I’ll get that out the way.

But even when they find Bruce Willis, I know it’s watching two really strong dudes who don’t know how to fight because the way to meet girls, he’s he’s like these girls about to get killed in, like, get out of here.

You know what, Smash?

Hey, what you got when I saw that, I was like, yes, it’s shocking, but I also was like, Hey, Bruce Willis, what did your job to stop him from doing?

Well, honestly, she ran away, like you said, Lee. Well, he didn’t say which way exactly.

But I will tell you, like, when they’re when they’re wrestling and they fight and he has a look and he’s like, he’s not Fazi to you.

You’re good to me, you know what I’m saying? And I say, what a fighter like. Right. Yeah. And he just he just kind of like, OK, I like I love you, too. Look, I fall asleep in the middle of it.

I did like that fight scene when he came on. And that is kind of what we were looking for is early on in the movie, you get what you’re looking for with that, because we’re looking for that match between these two these two superpowered people. And I think it pays off pretty well. I did enjoy it. And when I was watching it, I said, man. I cannot wait for later on, because if this is the fight this early on, what’s what’s a big climb?

I can’t wait for the climax. Right, right. Yeah, yeah. But instead, in my someone comes out and says, you’re good. You get all the action that you need.

You get you get the drama, you get the drama, you get the action, all the psychological stuff.

Great. Now let’s sit down and just talk about comic books for the rest of the movie. Let’s just say and talk would be like, hey, we’re having a conversation. I’m talking to you. You’re talking to me. No, he actually pulls up the podium and gives you a lecture, a lecture, a lecture on the structure of comic books.

You know, in his mind, he’s thinking, man, this is some kids dropping some knowledge.

It reminded me of Kill Bill, where Bill’s gone on about his whole diatribe about Superman and all this. I was like, everything you’re saying sounds cool because you’re saying it’s slow, but it’s not really accurate.

Yeah, he’s at home on his laptop and he was like, oh, I’m going to I’m gonna blow their minds. But Sarah Paulson as the as the the psychiatrist.

Yeah, she is the dread.

She she is talking about comic books like a God, like like a fucking nerd man.

Yeah. She’s she’s got one of those rooms at Comic-Con. Yeah. With chairs and everything and people are there to listen to her lecture.

She was that nerd back in like 1980, something that talked like this. This is 2019. Everybody knows comic books now, but that doesn’t stop M. Night Shyamalan from acting like, hey, you know what you think you know. But I’m the authority right here.

Your dad is trying to fight her abductor. Your son is trying to best his dad. This all sounds very familiar, doesn’t it?

Now, you’re goddamn right it does. Yeah, yeah, we know this, everyone. The funny thing is, yeah, it’s not just her doing it. It’s the two kids and the mom in that climax, everybody feels like the minute the camera turns on them, they feel like, oh, it’s my turn. Yeah.

And reading from page ten of the decision, like what you write in the script for the last 20 years and just missed this whole Marvel face.

Did you just did you just come to me? Yeah. Like like did you did you just walk out into the sun and just see it and see Black Panther like, oh shit, I’m making a movie, you know, fucking why are you why are you being mad?

I you think that this is smart. I did before even going further.

I’m not even like give a I don’t give a compliment in a criticism at the same time because before I go on I got to say that I’ve got to compliment the production in this movie.

I have to say that for the budget that it has, I think it’s 30 million is is what Jake was telling me over here, that that makes sense because I was like, man, it’s so underpopulated.

It must have a low budget.

Yeah, it you know, no. And he admits that now they get criticized. He’s come out and been like, well, you know, people that understand me with Unbreakable and they don’t understand me with this. But I’m I am doing a superhero movie on a budget.

And, you know, you know, y’all y’all come around 20 years, OK, man, 30 million.

They spent Dunwell, you know, they used their their sets. Well, they use their you know, the the places that the that they shot the locations very well. I thought some things for the money that they were using. It really did. It looked expensive.

That crash right there, but that’s a nice shot as a simple thing to film, but very good looking.

I thought the use of color in here was was good. They they you know, and I think they might have done this with the first one, but they do it more here where they are trying to use like comics to try to use a color palette for certain things. But they do it, you know, just with softer hues. You can even see that with the poster right there. But all the great things you did with the production in this, what the fuck did you do with this woman’s face?

Man, I tell you the whole time watching that, it was like, all right, you got the whole thing.

They were bringing back the original actor who played the kid. You know, bring back the original actor who played the mom. Oh, wait. She’s the same age as Samuel Jackson is now, but she’s probably younger than Sam Jackson.


So we got to make her look old. And yeah, I would not use so many colors and spent more money on the makeup because. Yeah, that that that was horrible.

It looks like a goddamn brownie mix with a wig on.

And, you know, it’s it was really bad.

A lot of the dialogue they had her saying toward the end, Slaid I love use you smart. Yeah. They underestimated you. Oh large. Like Oh come on man. Is this what you think. Oh black women talk like all the time. That was unnecessary. I know.

I know. And one thing they do here I have mixed feelings about because somebody asked me about it. There’s a there’s a scene that was originally shot for the first unbreakable that that didn’t make it in. It’s in the deleted scenes on the on the DVD. And it was always one of these things, the scenes. It’s it’s a great scene. It’s in here somewhere. But I remember watching it on the scene has always stuck with me and how, man, he shot this great scene and didn’t use it because he said it threw out the timing. And I always thought that was the bravest thing ever to make something so brilliant and just realize it doesn’t serve the whole and you’re willing to sacrifice it. So he puts it here and OK, yeah, it’s the scene with the kid with all the and when he’s on the amusement park ride Mr. Glass when he’s young.

Oh, OK. It was cool. See. Yeah, it’s you know what, it was a cool scene because it really was, it really was suspenseful.

So it gets used here. And I felt like man, I always praise him for being so brave to do that. But now he’s just repurposed it. But it’s kind of thrown in.

There’s a lot of flashbacks in here that they’re thrown in.

Yeah, I was like, it doesn’t really serve anything. Yeah. It’s just here because he just felt like, hey, I shot it, I want to use it. I what I felt was like I say, if I broke it in the ax, I’d say the first act I thought was pretty suspenseful and I felt this, not my stomach, just tension. And when you move into the second act that’s where it got slow because it wasn’t like nothing was happening. But it was kind of the same thing. I could feel them dragging it out. And I was like, I feel like there’s so much you guys could be getting to and you’re just kind of just surface of it. And then when you get the third act, I thought all the great and good and even mediocre things that it had built a life just took that glass and just shattered it on the ground.

Yeah, no, I can I can kind of see that man, you know, because listen. One of the things that I don’t think was was was made aware here in my Shamala, I maybe was and, you know, he thought he could push a little bit more. But I mean, let’s let’s let’s admit that the reason why something like split work are unbreakable was because we didn’t know that we were watching a comic book movie.

Yes. That’s exactly why those two movies were both those movies played against expectation today? We know that we’re watching a comic book movie. It is pitched as a comic book movie.

We’re very we’re very, very aware of that. And that’s done at a time when comic book movies are probably more popular than ever. Right. So, you know that of course, that brings in the problem of coming in and trying to dissect the comic book formula in mythology and then regurgitating it to us like we don’t know which we do. You know, it’s a very heavy hand to film because of that. You know, the movie just suffers from at this point from just being too self-aware, even with, you know, I think even with that being a comic book time, the way this comes across, because with him, both those movies, as much as we make fun of international law for having twist. To to add the twist is what made these films true.

Ultimately, they were twist you didn’t see come in and they were satisfying split, whether you like it or not.

Split was very clever in the sense that it was pitched as a horror movie with this whole thing about mental illness as sort of its hook someone. So, you know, the twist that kept him from being too heavy handed, now that he doesn’t have that kind of big twist to play with, even though there is kind of one here now, he doesn’t have it. He’s really explaining himself. And it’s. Yeah, it’s. It’s pretty, you know, it’s it’s it kind of gets it’s a move that does some things very well and yet it becomes annoying. It’s really kind of a self-congratulatory congratulatory way of writing. If anybody remembers late in the water laying in the water, he cast himself as the writer that’s going to save the world. Now, not only did he cast himself as that, but he also was very upset at critics who didn’t like his last movie or whatever it was, and he decided to, like, poke fun at them. And the way he did it was in that annoying, too self-aware voice of writing. You remember the scene with the critic gets killed and the critic actually narrates his own death, thinking that he’s going to live, but he narrates his own death.

You will weep for me. I will shut the door and you will laugh a fraction of a second to.

Getting a little you know, this, you know, it’s almost like those were the director’s notes to the actor not to play the sticky tape, that wrong? It was my love.

You do not as he write it. This is and this is just my opinion.

Look, I’m not some big writer. I don’t know. But I’ve seen enough movies to know that really movies in in novels and writing. And they have a lot in common in that you. You don’t have your your characters explain their actions, everything that we just saw, explain everything, and he’s explaining here that that is stuff that just simply can’t be shown.

And yeah, look it yeah, it probably no good, even if you film it, but it sounds worse when you actually say it out. I mean, I get it.

That’s the joke of it, that he’s going to say it and it won’t go that way. But it’s not that funny. It’s not that, you know, it’s a joke with a set up that’s so long that there’s no possible way the punchline can be a be a good payoff or how about find a more clever way to write it where you’re not pandering to the audience.

Stupid. All right. Yeah, right.

Come on. I mean, we don’t hate critics like you.

Oh, she’s got a dog. Martin, I’m going to fade to black. You will hear me scream.

I have to tell you, with the problems that you see in the movie, like you heard me say, that there’s some good things in there. There are. There are now. And I think in my shumilin, at his best, it’s a great director. The score in the movie in a few parts feels very classical. I like I like the music. I like I said, man, I think production this is very good for his for his budget. But, you know, but other things start to fall apart. You know, there are things where once one thing becomes noticeable, a lot of the logical things in the movie become noticeable are the things that are bad for one. Why? OK, they’re talking about the bringing these heroes into an insight into this this insane asylum to to to try to get them to understand that they are not really superheroes or super villains, but yet you put them in rooms that are designed to keep superheroes villains in there.

You have all your huge setups for them, just like you do that with people who have superpowers.

Right. Right. And also that the rules don’t seem that secure at all is the worst insane asylum. And if you got two guys who are mortal enemies, you would really put them in rooms that are right across from each you put them in rooms, right, right next to you.

Like this is some high school shit. How do you look in a room and see that? There is there is there is great danger and you get up and don’t call security, but you just you just walk towards it by yourself in the darkest area of the asylum, you know, that guy’s a homicidal maniac.

And I go take him this trail.

Yeah, yeah, yeah. No, there’s no security in here at all. They you know, security means you see them, but they work when they want to work like shit.

I ain’t going in his obsession with water, at least as a weakness because the same thing with signs. Yeah. That lady in the water and then here and that whole Juarez is his weakness. I’ll just keep going.

That doesn’t make any sense because we live on a planet that’s. Yeah, that is true. Like, he can’t fight if he gets wet at all.

Martin is probably the most honest thing in the movie. Maybe I’m not someone I can’t swim, you know.

So that’s his weakness. Yeah, no, you’re right.

At least to me, this is one of those twists where it’s like, all right, well, movie’s over. And it’s a shame he couldn’t finish as strong as it started.

But we can get out of here and he goes, hold on, I got you.

All right, man, this better be good. You’re going to turn around or you just wait. Oh, no, that’s not what you did. That’s OK, though, because I got one more twist that I don’t.

I don’t want it. I don’t want it. No, no, no. Here it is. God damn it. You’re breaking me now, man. You just made it worse.

The ending to this is bad. I wish I could tell you why. Because the very end is something that is one of the biggest cliches in movies.

Oh, you know, it’ll work if we just do this and it don’t work like this. It’s once again, it’s it’s put together by someone who doesn’t understand the Internet.

Yeah, yeah, yeah. Believe it or not, I like the movie. Did you. I but I liked the ideas.

Yeah. No, no I that’s the thing.

I like the idea, I like the setup and even the middle of it. I thought there’s still potential here to make something really good, but it’s a lot of wasted potential.

Your dialogue is meaningless to me here to me. And it’s got some good action. It’s got some good like some great direction. But overall, you know, the things I did, like, I liked a lot, but not that’s not a whole lot of that in there. In fact, I think it’s just starts to. No, no, no, no, not not at all. It did really start to break apart in the middle. And once every note and it breaks apart from the base and tears down everything that’s on top of it, it’s not even a bad was a good run.

It’s a rental. It’s in it’s one of those things where I say it’s a rental. And if you watch it, it’s more interesting to watch than I think it is good to watch.

What hurts about it is that it did have a good beginning. And yeah, and even through the parts where it’s where you can see it cracking and slowly dismantling itself. Still, it didn’t have to go down like it did, that third act is goofy. The climax is anticlimactic. If it was if I could get you to just stick with the movie that you have in your head, that would be the best thing. But otherwise.

Yeah, yeah, it definitely is not terrible.

Yeah. Unbreakable was a drama that turned out to be a superhero movie. And Split was a horror movie that turned out to be a superhero movie. Here you take the superhero stuff out. You don’t really have anything.

No, you don’t have an arm in Yemen and disappointment. Mm hmm. It’s a great way of putting that great way of putting it. Yeah. I mean, I guess that’s the biggest twist you thought you would get some.

Do you know. Well, I got you. Did you enjoy the video. Well then keep it going.

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