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Full text transcript of film review of Glass

Hey, guys, we just got back from seeing glass, and the reason why we saw it so late is because we went to Park South and California there and I was in L.A. before that. And the more common event I was riding around over there was running around Packsaddle. So it seems like this review is super late and or ancient to me, but it’s only one. It’s only Monday when the sun come out Tuesday, Friday, officially Friday. But it feels like ancient news and week now. Right. And so I was curious because I saw Jeremy Johns at the event. I talked with him about it. He seemed a little, you know, mixed on it. And then I I saw Chris Tuchman’s thumbnail or he looks absolutely destroyed and disappointed and I wasn’t really looking a little disappointed. So this is going to be something unique where I already know what my friend critics think about the film. And I wonder if it colored my opinion of the film. So at least even if nobody sees this anymore because it’s ancient and everybody already has reviews out, but you’ll get my perspective from seeing it and and yours.

What do you what do you what do you initially thinking here for glass now?

A long time coming. There you go.

I don’t fight in years, but I honestly feel like it was good. But I wasn’t satisfied.

Ok, ok. I’m probably one of those mixed that does seem fair.

That does seem fair. And I think that’s kind of what they were saying as well. Yeah. But I think I guess maybe my expectations got lowered.

So mine were really low and I like this movie so much more than I thought I was going through. I surprised myself. I did look not that positive, but I thought I thought I was going to hate this movie, but I didn’t. I actually kind of enjoyed it.

There was some there was a lot of parts that I liked. The dialogue was kind of poopy.

There was some scenes, the writing, but the writing broke down in the third. Oh, man. Don’t don’t tell me that the writing was bad during the first and the second. No, no, no. The first act was pretty good. But in that crazy how. Because we’ve seen so many movies now you can like see the writing degenerate and you’re like, wow, this feels different from the rest of the film. Like they’re like explaining things that are happening. They’re they’re Exposition City and all this.

Oh, there was there was one scene in particular we’ll talk about in the spoilers where the characters are just sitting around talking about what’s happening to clue us in.

Come on, you’ve done what, ten, fifteen, twenty movies you can do. You can do better. OK, so this thing has a twist twist. And the twist is it’s M. Night Shyamalan. Joe, there’s going to be a reveal there, you know, and I did not like the one that we got here.

That’s, I think, what fucked it up for me. But I will say there’s no way this thing is at 33 percent or 30 percent. We got the rotten tomatoes. Has it that low?

Three. A three. Yes, Joe. No, I like bad movies. This is not a bad movie. I actually like the film.

I think I like it more than my friends and colleagues, Jeremy and maybe Chris, because, you know, I went in with this mentality.

Here’s how you got to look at this film. And it’s I think it’s a good analogy. I forgot the name of the ice cream. What is the name of the ice cream Neopolitan? That’s what it is. So it was, you know, chocolate, vanilla and strawberry. And if you go into the film thinking that this is the purpose of this film, you’re getting Neapolitan ice cream. Right? You know, then then you might be satisfied.

I like the chocolate part. What, you don’t get off the train out of here anyways anyways.

But I think people went in the film with the idea that this was going to be the unbreakable sequel, you know, and it really wasn’t the unbreakable no. It actually was trending far more in the split sequel direction until you realize and it does sort of earn its namesake in that third act as a as a glass, you know, film. Yeah, no, but I think that combined with the twist, it it lost a lot of people.

Yeah. For me, I was expecting like, oh, oh, we finally got all these people together. Let’s see these people run amok. But you kind of hinted it at some of these points because basically the majority of it was in the hospital and I wanted them to kind of break loose earlier. Yeah, just do what they do.

Do they? See, I didn’t want them to break loose earlier because the the build up to when the climax happened was my favorite part of the whole film. Yeah. I wanted the first act to go on as it went for the entire time too.

But as soon as they’re like, this is the big thing, it’s like that. That’s it. That’s it. This, this is done. Fucked it up.

This is what we got, right. Yeah. So I wanted to go, I wanted the beginning of the movie to go on even longer because yeah, we got glimpses of what was coming and it wasn’t very good and I just wanted more of it.

So when. This film first starts the David Dunn parts, and I think that, you know, you know, it’s just that’s what I wanted to see. Yeah, the film starts right away like we are in the shit and, you know, he’s, you know, scouring the streets. David’s doing his thing. We kind of we can we can buy that. He’s been doing what he’s doing for all that time and we won’t tolerate any spoilers. So relax. And, you know, it was just a great film with really great pacing. And then I think somewhere where it hits the wall for me and I do appreciate the hospital stuff, is when she this new character, this therapist lady, is trying to convince them that they are not superheroes, which, by the way, there are so many plot holes in the world.

Yeah, it is. It is contrived and just really bad. It’s been. We’ll talk about that in a minute. But when she’s like giving this big speech to them and individually their family, it’s like, oh, and it’s like now we’re slowing down. Now we’re fucking up. And then that third act where they break loose, what you see in the trailer, you know, it’s essentially what you’re gonna get.

I don’t have that. It kind of satisfied. Like I said, I like being here, but by the end, I see what they were doing.

And and it does have a different vibe than Marvel. So maybe you could appreciate that people that are a little formula out might find this one intriguing. I think intriguing, but maybe not very good.


Well, OK, well, we went you went from positive to to the negative, talking about the edge.

I’m talking about the movie. All right. Like it gets it’s good, good, good. And you’re like, OK, what what are they going to do with the final the big reveal?

And it’s like, oh OK. Yeah, I did Pooh-pooh that fine way. So I don’t think night you you fucked it up again, right. Tamati So I think the Avatar part.

Oh OK.

So I’ll tell you what, let’s talk a little bit about the performances and things like that before we jump in as well, because I think it’s real hard to talk about this film and M. Night Shyamalan film, too, without talking about the spoilers.

So how do you think that that Bruce Willis did?

Uh, Bruce Willis just played himself.

Basically, it was exactly the same character as the guy named Bush, like he’s just like he’s. That’s Bruce Willis now. He’s like, Die Hard Nine or whatever. He’s seen him do some good act, stand out. What is it going to be, James again? Boom. Jet was waiting.

He was his breakout. Once again. I was like, oh my God, I want to see a split team held the movie together.


And performance wise and he’s just so fascinating to watch going back and forth within between the personalities. I think I saw somebody we get way too much of the young kid. I disagree. I think that, you know, they explain that.

Oh, they do. They they they explain it because the kid the kids power within the pantheon of personalities, he can immediately snap his fingers and take the light.

So that’s right. But I felt it was well done because a lot of there’s some new characters or some older characters, but it’s like, what the fuck? Why doesn’t he shut his fucking eyes? OK, that is the biggest plot hole ever.

It’s like, I don’t understand those things looking at it, you know. So, jeez, come on. All right. Anyway, so it’s a movie and the only and another big negative side is poor.

Mr. Glass is catatonic through through most of the film. And I was hoping to see a little bit more.

Yeah, that’s what I wanted to I want to see some of his amazing schemes that.

Yeah. I want to see. Yeah, he does nothing for two thirds. Three quarters. You get you get some payoff there and there is some payoff.

But it’s a movie called Glass and you would expect him to participate a little more.

Yeah. All right. So let’s go with final verdict. So let’s take.

I really did enjoy this.

It was not. What I was hoping for, but all in all, I think it was a great performance by some of the characters, a six a six out of 10, OK.

Yeah, but it’s much better than three, right?

Oh, yeah. Well, here’s the thing is like homes and wants and now it’s fucking horrible.

Yeah. This is and I agree, you know, we came in positive, but actually when we were talking about it, we did mostly negative. But the performances are fascinating. There might be a few pacing things here and there, but it actually was intriguing to watch, entertaining the whole time.

Different vibe from the whole Marvel films. This is something that, you know, I think he had his idea afterwards, but he does connect it together well with Unbreakable and split where he has the first, you know, sort of superhero universe before Marvel even throws a little jab at Marvel with the thing. And he’s serving the marvel down in the Marvel tower. It was his idea. And he’s going to have the epic showdown. And I wrote down anyways. All right, guys. Well, what about you, Alex?

What are you thinking? I’m see, I was at the beginning of this movie is like seven out of ten where I’m really interested in in the things that are going to happen. The problem is that ends pretty abruptly when we get into the like the last third of this movie, the characters, I just stop caring about the fight. Scenes aren’t satisfying. And I just I look at the characters and they start saying really stupid things and they’re explaining to me, it’s like, hey, if you were asleep or you in the bathroom, this is what’s going on in this scene right now. It’s like, oh, thank you movie. I really appreciate it. Yeah. So I’m thinking, what do you think? I’m thinking? Yeah. Six is fine. This isn’t right.

So it’s slightly above average. I watch. I got knocked down some pay. It did. I watched Unbreakable today.

I didn’t, I thought it was, I thought I liked Unbreakable more than I actually did. Yeah. I watched today. I was like man this is a solid movie but this isn’t great. Watch split today. It’s like, man, this is the performances are really good. The writing is kind of bad. There are some parts there are some weaknesses to that movie. But this one was kind of kind of fit that where the performance is really, really strong. But I the writing, it’s so hard with the writing. So I think yes, I think six is fair. OK, and let me ask you this before I give you all my rating. Which of the three now in this trilogy set is your favorite?

Kevin, I’m not.

Ok, no, that’s not what I’ll take it. Joel, what do you think about the films? Oh, it’s very. But OK, so for my rating, I would go a little higher than these guys because in that first act, I seriously was cruising at eight, nine. I was really enjoying, you know, the David Dunn was great buildup, great buildup. We get some fights there. I many lemonade’s that you have, though. Yeah, that’s true. I was drinking on it. I don’t want to factor that in. You remember what happened with Suicide Squad and we were watching it with people who have seen the angry Joe show.

We were doing an angry joke kind of event about the trouble.

That choice is mine. You know what? But but what I’m saying is that’s how much I was enjoying it in the first half. You’re not wrong. I like to. Yeah. And the second act to me was solid. I liked the whole even though the premise of trying to convince them that they don’t have the powers is so annoying because we know they have the powers but do not see me flip a car.

Yes. But in a way, you know. Yeah, yeah. But that is explained by the end. And when I factor that in its hand waved away, it’s not exactly explained correct.

And they’re right in the sense that the action is completely disappointing in terms of a superhero film. It’s disappointing. But in terms of if you factor in them Night Shyamalan universe that he’s created here and a different kind of style, and you realize that the budget is very low compared to the other things. And I factor all those things in as from a filmmaker’s point of view. I did enjoy the story overall and I said, OK, if this is how we’re going to, you know, complete this trilogy, then I see why it went in that direction. But it’s not quite satisfying.

So Paul took that point when we took that. Well, we put and we’re going to go seven seven with the potential to fall to six, depending on how how much you hated the fact that it happens. And I can understand why we’ll talk about that in spoilers. But what is your favorite film of these three?

Um, like I said, Kevin, I like the split one. I like that one. Probably the best one was acting was amazing. Split, then unbreakable. Then this one last, I think probably unbreakable.

It’s it’s more even all the way through. I think that glass has higher highs but way lower lows than all of the other ones. Yeah.

So it’s hard to say that glass has scenes and probably like thirty minutes works like this one’s going to be my favorite and it lets me down and so it just, it just can’t rise up for me.

It’s, it’s, it’s probably unbreakable but but like, like you think the glass has highs and lows. I think the split has some incredible highs with the performance. It’s just fascinating to watch, James, like you said, you know, but, you know, in terms of movie making and satisfying and watching something unfold, unbreakable was like amazing back in the day.

So the split doesn’t quite satisfied with its final conclusion. I don’t know if M. Night Shyamalan plans to do any more of these in that ending. It kind of you know, we’ll talk about it. So thank you guys so much for watching. And if you want to stick around and discuss spoilers, which I’m sure you’ve seen the film by now, that this review has been out, you know, mean like for you get to say absurd things about this films. Yeah, watch it. Well, you know, I came over here thinking that I’d be some trendsetter and I’d have a different opinion on the film. And I just realized I have pretty much the same opinion as Jeremy and Chris, like there were good moments, but overall disappointed with it when you don’t know.

Yeah, yeah. No, he was just crushed and disappointed. And you wanted more. You wanted more than this one. Yeah. All right, guys, so spoilers time now.

Hey, guys, welcome to the spoilers section. So right away I tried to come up just because I watched, you know, Christmas video in Germany where, you know, all the light in their eyes, why doesn’t he shut the eyes?

And I made the point in my video. Yeah. That I was thinking about that I was trying to come up with an excuse on behalf of the film. Maybe even if he shut his eyes, the light is so bright it goes through his eyelids. He he has no hands.

You got to do this. Look close his eyes and charge forward. Look down. Look down and look around.

Right, exactly. You’re right. Well, so the whole premise of the film is fucking stupid now because you can’t control the bees. Now, David Dunn, do you think that. I don’t believe that either. I think he could bust out of that room before it fills with water. And it was kind of ambiguous. What it does is spray water in his face because it would take hours to fucking well, maybe not hours, but it would take quite a long time to fill that room with water to drown me out.

So it’s still it’s still like panic. Yeah. And Boshoff door open is when I would say so. Let’s talk let’s just jump right in.

The big fucking twist is Wojo that Kevin’s dad was in the same train.

Mr Glass destroyed. OK, yeah, that’s one of them. So I actually had multiple twists. Yeah. And the other twist is this lady who has been denying the hero’s existence this whole time, just delusions. Turns out that she has a fuck. And look at Alex’s face.

She has a fucking shamrock on her, on her wrist and she’s a part of a secret society, secret cabal, hero denying assholes who murder super heroes and villains.

Yeah, but they try to do the humane thing and convince them that they’re not superheroes or villains after they kill, which is the premise of the movie. She’s trying to be nice and they don’t see themselves as the bad guys.

They see themselves as the protector. And so what?

And so here’s where that really like I was really fucking pissed. You give people the idea that you’re about to do this superhero team up in the trailers. It’s like that sounds like a team up. Right. And and David Dunn is fucking drowned in murder like a bitch at the end. Glass is just, you know, like has he’s like primed and shit.

Why the beast? But there you go. So that was the five finger death. Palmer Yeah, that’s what it was. And the beast gets fucking sniped. Yeah. Well, all three of these characters that we really, really fucking like are murdered. Well, he’s the beast isn’t killed by a bullet. He’s killed by the power of hugs.

Yeah. Because he was a she she hugs the girl from the four from split, hugs him to calm him down. Yeah. Because she wants to like bond.

Right. And we have to really buy this side plot of her in love with Kevin or another mom.

Well, they have a bonding moment. You’re right. You’re right. She was abused. He was a mutual friendship.

Ok, in that case, we can excuse it a little bit more. But but the power of hugs killed him. She was the. What was I saying? The lady in charge, the psychiatrist lady is like, I cannot let you. You’re a victim. And it’s like that victim complex. Maybe all the you’ll get close. I was expecting her to say that the reason why you want to talk to him again is this victim complex. Will you go closer to your captor? And she’s like, I’m not going to let you see him. Then the next scene, she’s letting her see her and she just walks over there and lets him say, I was like, OK. But I guess that’s explained away by the fact it was a secret society the whole time.

I think like going into this, I thought, like, Mr. Glass was going to team up with Kevin.

He’s like, hey, let me change your priorities as me calling him Kevin Jesus name. No, he’s the beast. He’s a whore. They didn’t team up with Kevin.

He teamed up with the guy’s name, OK, anyways, and he was going to make him like his minion and do stuff around the city. And then Bruce has taken me down. Something like that. Not right. There are going to be stuck in the hospital. Oh, he just shut down for like five minutes. Bang, bang, bang, dead.

There was a sad fight with a car. Yeah. And I think there was they tried to go deeper. And actually, in fact, you’re right, Joe, because because if you think about it, you know, Kevin is a good guy. Yeah. And you could consider him a superhero, you know, and and if you know just the fact that beast was in control and if it was Kevin in control, then we got, you know that.

But that’s what it led to. And Kevin’s vulnerable to bullets because he’s not.

Well, the power of hugs killed him because it turned the beast back into Kevin.

Listen to me now. You guys are beast. Don’t fall in love.

Don’t hug. Yeah, right. So this isn’t about beast punching in special effects and things like that. There is, you know. Oh, the special effects are bad. Yeah. And you couldn’t at this point let David Dawn just. Have a fucking matter where he goes like that, just let him have it.

No, I’m sitting there watching this like videotape and everybody on the Internet is supposed to be at the end gets all the footage was actually videotaped and it was is playing the whole time he went on a suicide mission. He knew and he was going to expose the heroes and villains else.

But you see but you see this video of David Dunn and it doesn’t look spectacular. Everything looks so big and find the beast just flips a cop car like it doesn’t matter.

It’s just like in his glass and back me. Yeah, that’s funny. And people be like this guy and the hero.

Did he just die from a bullet died. Right. Yeah, right. So that video would have convinced absolutely nobody.

Oh yeah. What a waste time. Downvote next the next video. That’s it.

You it down. Is that, is that a monster.

Oh yeah. That guy’s struggling. I was like, oh that was a cool CGI effect. Next video.

That wasn’t even a cool CGI. In fact, it took him way too long to get to the fucking point. Speed up the footage. All right. So is that your summary of this video? Yeah, this movie. I mean, the problem is like everything up to that point is pretty good, right? Yes. Like Perry. And then it just I love that David is is on the streets. He’s a security. You are. And he’s touchups more more that he’s doing what? He’s touching people on the streets to get a good guy to see. He is a panel van. He’s got Candie’s hanging out by the high school.

God dang it. So am I don’t know why has the tendency to want to do these twists, and I think that if he had just stayed, I like the twist now, the twist of that that glass knew that there was this asshole.

Oh, I like that. That that that ending thing was kind of satisfying.

Everything up until that point, like as soon as they escape is really bad. Mm hmm.

Here’s the thing is, as you know, Bruce Willis seemed checked out. Yeah. Samuel L. Jackson is getting older and he’s got other projects.

He’s he’s in the real you know, he’s been in one hundred twenty five movies. Right. So this is the best gig. So what I want to do nothing. Right.

What I’m thinking is these guys just do not want to play these characters anymore. So they’re OK with them being murdered as an Oracle boy did enough acting for the three of them. So it’s fine. Yeah, exactly. Thanks to James. Yeah, he did. He did his job. Anything else? The makeup on his glasses. Mom was really, really bad. Yes.

You couldn’t put a little more effort into make careful, though. It was almost too close to the lines of makeup in all of these movies have been bad, though. Like if you watch split a couple hours ago and these girls are like kidnapped and over the course of like four days, their makeup so immaculate, they’re crying the entire time. I don’t know what Mac counter they were at, like with waterproof everything, but for five days you never make an excuse that. But when in the same film you actually get the actual actor for his son to come back and you have that really genuine gladiator.

And then at the same time you have this where her makeup looks so, so amateur, it completely breaks the immersion. And they just should have hired a different actor lady for his mother at that point.

What about the son? And we didn’t really talk about the son.

I was so glad to see him. Watson, Bruce Willis, as I just talked about him. Oh, yes.

I thought you talked about the reenactment, about the glass. Yeah, my bad.

No, they got they got the actual actor to return from Gladiator. And meanwhile, they brought the actual actors from his mother, I guess. But they’re like, well, if we got her, let’s reduce or just put some makeup on her face and she’ll look all makeup and like Elmer’s glue.

And we’ve got this like construction paper. Snakes on the. Yeah, just like you’re old. Oh, that was bad. But I do like the idea that these are more realistic superheroes.

So, you know, they’re not going to fucking calm down lightning and they’re not going to throw like, you know, I like when they go down lightning, they will just beat the fuck out of three dudes in a hallway with a brawler type of fighting style.

And I guess if the problem is all they did with their powers was like grab each other by the sleeves and then shove. They’re supposed to they just took turns shoving each other. What’s going to happen in a more realistic super? Why throw each other around or something? But all they did was like shove each other into the sad van over and over and over, throw them in the pool.

Oh, he did throw them in the pool. Yeah. And once and he tried to any bear hugged him that he did bear hug.

A lot of people did. That’s his move. Yes. Baragon this movie is just all about the power of hugging. Like you can feel people with hugs and then you can try to save people with hugs, but they end up dying anyway. All right. I’m going down to a six. We’ve done it. We’ve broken Joe.

The alcohol has worn off and we’ve gone to a six because of the disappointing ending and fucking up in that third act because, you know, one used to make him so sweet, you know. Right. This satisfies the conclusion.

But everything else really, really cool up until what they decided.

Angry Joe
So all of the parts that weren’t the good parts were OK. Yes. And then the parts that were supposed to be good were just kind of not good. Not good.

Good deal. All right, guys, that’s it. I let you guys think anymore.

No. Hmm. There’s no post credit scenes, no post credit scene while my phone died, so I wasn’t able to check. And I have to trust you motherfuckers, so it better not be no post credit.

Seeing the post like that would be pretty sweet.

All right. That’s it. Thank you guys so much for watching. And we shall see you on the next angry Joe show.

Make sure you subscribe and get some sweet hoodies like I got.

Yeah. Yeah. We finally got one for him.

They found one. So show them. Come on, show them. They showed three of them together for me. Yeah. Because my name on Alex at the end is like I don’t have one.

It’s like, you know, I’m all this guy right now. So you are the one yourself because they’re pretty friggin sweet or a shirt or something. So if not, hit that sell button. Hit that like button. Appreciate you watching the show and we’ll see you on the next show, I guess.

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