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Full text transcript of video critique of Captain Marvel

What’s up, everybody? Welcome back to another review and
let’s have your first time here. Thank you for joining us. We do a movie trivia
show here. It is a lot of fun. And what we’re doing today would not right now,
but I want people to check it out. I should go and look at this play list after
they see the review and see the two announcers from the movie tribute right up
there. You can see the latest movie now. That’s later. That’s later. Let’s get
into this. This is why you’re here. We’re going to talk about Marvel’s latest
in the MCU, and that is Captain Marvel starring Brie Larson.

Brie Larson is in this movie, Sam Jackson, the young Samuel
Samuel Jackson. In this movie, there’s a Katniss movie. Do laws in this movie.

Ben Mendelsohn’s in this movie, the big news about Captain
Marvel. Hey, Marvel finally had finally, finally has their first female
superhero movie in the MCU. And she may be the most powerful of the bunch, the
powers that she displays. I think Brie Larson is great in this role. The only
issue I have with the movie, some of the writing felt a little like sticky in
the first half of the film. But this movie is such a ride, it takes you all
over the universe. We got Chris, we got scrolls. We got that we’re going on. We
got stuff going on on Earth. What’s going on in Brie Larson character’s
history? We’re sorting that out. There’s a lot of moving parts to this movie,
and I think they pull up pretty damn well.

Yeah, I mean, the one thing I think Brie Larson was OK, and
then we’ll be honest, I don’t think I think that they could have dove a lot
deeper into the story of Carol Danvers and showing a little bit more and giving
her more to do. Sure. I actually her fault. Well, I mean, movies, it could be
the director’s fault as well, because there are certain things is just she
pulls off the action very well. And I enjoy the character for sure all the way
through. But I just thought there were some times to where I was. I wasn’t with
Brie Larson the entire time, but I did enjoy this movie and I liked the fun
adventure that that it took me on for sure. I thought that where it was a space
adventure, it was everything that I wanted inside of that. Now I like you’re a
big fantasy nerd. I know. But I agree with you, though, that I think that the
first half was was a little wonky and they didn’t they could have connected,
like I said, her character a little bit.

I was interested. Sorry. Go ahead. No, no. What do we do it.
I was just playing off what you were saying. I just didn’t have the chance to
do it in your head. When I was going to say I was with the movie just talking
about Sticky, I was I was with the movie. I just it felt a little like jumbled
to me to where in my head I’m sorting it out. But then in the second half, I
really got into it. Just don’t give up. Actually, talk to me. I was trying to.
You’re the guy that doesn’t want to address the camera anyway. You should be
looking at my earhole the whole time anyway.

The movie itself. I did. Like I said, I think that Ben
Mendelsohn, I thought was like stole the show. I really liked what he did in
this role. I thought that his just the character, the way that they go back and
forth, I like to watch them.

Yeah. You know what’s interesting about his a lot of these
characters is like you forget sometimes you walk in and you know that Ben
Mendelsohn is so good at being a menacing villain and and Samuel L. Jackson is
good at something because he’s good at something. But it’s a Marvel movie. So
you wonder, are they all going to have comedic opportunities? And they do in
places that I did not think that they would find them. And that was one of the
I think one of the attributes of this movie, what I like.

And someone asked me to because if you watch this, I’m not
really a big fan of Guardians to man, too. Didn’t really hit the way that I
wanted it to. And I liked the movie’s humor. This movie humor way better than
those movies fit better. Yeah, it fit way better. It felt like the characters
were actually saying it. Sometimes I went for the joke and it didn’t land, but
it was still I still felt like the character would say not everyone had jokes,
weren’t handing out jokes like like cars.

It was I was thinking, oh that cars were that a fun thing to
have in this movie is like, well, did you enjoy the outer space fantasy stuff
more because you are a big fantasy nerd or did you enjoy this? Something
actually takes place on Earth because we do a fair amount of time on both. But
watching the way our son’s best friend in the film, Carol Danvers, his best
friend played by I was trying to lynch. What’s your last name? Rambo. That’s
your guy. And she she might have stolen the movie from it.

Yeah, I thought the challenge was great. And I like that.
That was the stuff that started to happen with the character and more as they
dive into the origin. I was like, OK, this now I like what they’re doing here.

I think I feel like the movie starts to get a life of it.

I think they could have done more, though. And I talked to I
was talking to Danny Fernandez about this last night, too. I think what they
should have done in the beginning here was doing more of the Top Gun stuff,
more of her time in the Air Force, like, yeah, giving a little bit more like
the back history of what was the end, because because when you set up
everything that happens with Annette Bening, I like it.

Well, Top Gun was naval aviators and they’re in the Air
Force, so that doesn’t make sense at all. What he flies in the Navy versus the

I’m talking about five different people are people. People
are going to have guns and navy. Nobody understands what you’re talking. You’re
crazy. What’s what is the score? I don’t know.

All right. So we are going to score this movie up. I’m going
to go three point seventy five out of five for Captain Marvel, I thought. And
by the way, good tie in to Avengers. I think that that’s what people are going
to be looking for as. Well, but this was a this is a fun adventure space romp
that I like watching. I had some popcorn. I dug it. What? I want to see another
one. Yes. I just had a lot of questions after this movie because there’s things
that I said, well, wait a minute, that person can do that. How’s that going to
happen? There’s a lot of good questions.

I was going to say the questions you have, what you’re most
excited about, the future of the captain, Marvel Universe, Marvel Universe
overall. I going to tell you, three point seventy five. I got quite a lot of
this movie. There’s so much potential here, particularly with the performances,
maybe more so than the story lines are the lines that they were given. So I
think the writing was the weakest part of this movie, but especially in the
second half, everything starts to smooth out and we got a great adventure.
That’s what you’re paying to see?

Yeah, I think that that’s exactly right. The last half an
hour, this movie is really why you know for sure it delivers on that promise.
But yeah, like you said, I think the and the Niños references, by the way, fun,
good stuff. But they were beating you over the head with it a little bit. But I
understood why that’s.

What were they doing over there with the Musa’s? Great.
That’s what it’s like to ride my car for the spoiler.

Hey, right over there. Something fell right over there. You
going to check out if you want to be see what’s going on with the movie trivia
showdown? It is very different. Like you do like UFC. Do you like just crazy
trivia? Check it out. Very competitive trivia. You should watch my mike, but I
think I’m still on. So you’re done. All right. Well, he’s he’s all he broke his
mic. Check out other stuff right there. You can go and get our other reviews
check. And there you get a shirt like check.



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