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Full text transcript of video movie review of Captain Marvel


What’s happening from friends, Dave, the film junkie here, bringing you a film review of Captain Marvel, Captain Marvel, of course, stars Miss Brie Larson, Jude Law, Sam Jackson, Ben Mendelsohn, Annette Bening, Clark Gregg, you know, who’s on this movie? And it basically takes place, of course, in the mid 90s where we.

Wow, almost makes you wonder why they chose Midnighters to do all this, because, I mean, I know they’re trying to go for nostalgia reasons and, you know, for somewhat some what it is there. And they use some, like 90s alternative, but.

Songs I liked and they put them in places where I just was like, Carol Danvers doesn’t know who she is.

She she’s part of the Cree and she knows she’s Cree.

And then when stuff happens on this mission that she goes on, she ends up on Earth. She’s kind of like a fish out of water thing.

Nick Fury finds her and she lets it be known that these scrolls are going to be invading Earth.

And, hey, we’ve got to do something about it. I’m the woman that can help you out with your help, too. That’s basically it right there. So why don’t I think of Captain Marvel?

I had a misogynist. Yeah, this movie’s not good misogynist. It’s not good.

It really isn’t. My God. I mean, you guys saw my first reaction and I was just kind of like who? I mean, I know there’s like a lot of hysteria that’s tied to this movie and it’s gotten beyond stupid. It really has. It’s gotten so stupid with a lot of things. And I’ve commented on about it already and on Twitter, I’ve also done various videos about it. And I’m going to be doing more specifically.

I wanted to wait to do this one video till after I saw it, just to see, you know, just to get you know, I didn’t want to do it until I actually saw the whole movie. But overall. Yeah, this movie.

Oh, man, I don’t care about skin color. I don’t care who’s leading. I just want a good movie. I love movies and I don’t care starring in it. I mean. I mean, I mean, obviously, you know, there’s certain actors that are like, oh yeah, he’s in that or, you know, directors. Obviously there’s always going to be that. But I don’t care what your skin color is, what your religion is or what the fuck is between your legs. I don’t care. Going into Captain Marvel, I went in with low expectations because the trailers really didn’t grab me. I just didn’t feel, you know, that much excitement for this movie and. Well.

Expectations should have been lower. Let’s start off with Brie Larson. Bad casting loved her and Scott Pilgrim, various other movies, 21 Jump Street Kong.

She was OK in and the room are not dog room. That’s a high mark just room where she won an Academy Award. Absolutely phenomenal in that movie. And I was actually back. And when people were like, you know, trying to smear her a little bit, I was actually going, oh, wait a minute, she’s Academy Award winning actor. But the fact of the matter is, it’s not uncommon for an actor or actress who wins an Academy Award winning an Oscar to, you know, get into these blockbusters.

And that acting talent that we once saw. Well, doesn’t quite show up right, ladies? She is very wooden, very wooden here.

And I know that’s a common thing. Know, people say that with Google, which maybe sometimes, but most of the time. No, not at all. She’s very, very likable. And I know we’re not supposed to compare the two, but it’s just the way it is. And I think the character is supposed to not really show emotion. They explain certain things with that.

And I was totally not all about that whole fucking non smiling smear campaign that was just fandom being petty, because that’s the way fandom can get sometimes. There are times in this movie where her acting is like those movies that you see within movies like Tropic Thunder, where it sounds so over the top that she might as well just look at the camera and say, Captain Marvel and try to give her some jokes.

And they don’t really work at all. They try to give her some badass one liners and things to say, and they just fall flat because it just doesn’t seem like she cares enough or I don’t know, like I just it was I was trying to pinpoint them, like, does she even want to do this? Sometimes. Sometimes it feels like, OK, cool, but sometimes it’s just not there. And then you have the chemistry between her and Jackson, which isn’t bad all the time. Not really at all but yeah. It’s just.


Well, speaking of Jackson and Nick Fury, what did you do to our boy now the aging CGI for him and Clark Gregg is pretty fantastic. You don’t even notice it. Like I totally forget about it. You just it’s not noticeable at all. They have totally have a lock on the D aging stuff. I mean, I know it’s it’s not hard at age Sam Jackson, because, let’s face it, black don’t crack. The man still looks good at 70. The only thing is, though, when it came to him, you know, throwing punches and getting down with it, well, they should have gotten a younger actor because. Yeah, even though he was supposed to be like late 30s, early 40s, he’s still kind of moved like 70 year old Sam Jackson. And fuck the way he loses his. I fuck it. And what’s sad is people suspected it. You kind of see it coming. But I think a lot of us were hoping that it wasn’t going to be the case, that that wasn’t going to happen. And I’m sure, you know, even if you guys haven’t seen the movie, you know how he does it, because it’s been spoiled all over the place on social media, you know, and.


When it happens and, you know, they turn it all into a big joke, which is one of the worst jokes of the movie, it just pisses you off because that’s his signature look and they shit all over it. Now, the opening of the movie had me intrigued, you know, when they started diving into the plot.

You know, I had hopes with the movie, with the way it started and everything with Carrie and her on that planet got what’s called Anthem.

But, you know, it was sort of getting pretty interesting, you know, but towards the end of that first act, it started kind of just going, oh, oh, you’re trying to figure out. She’s trying to figure out who she is. She has like memories and part of the past stuff. And, you know, it’s just random clips.

They never really dive deep into, like, her memory. It’s just really just random clips, different points of her life. And there’s just really no weight to them. There’s really no way to know they could have done so much, you know, with like a couple of key moments in her past. But it’s just a complete mess.

The clips that don’t really pay off at all, the movie does not feel cinematic, does not feel cinematic like at all. I mean, there’s times where I was going, OK, something needs to just blow our minds here or at least blow my mind. You know something? You know, they have that one key scene, again, a good scene. And, you know, I was hoping it was when she realizes her full power and maybe then the new costume reveal when it goes from green to the the normal colors. But because I didn’t even try the final battle, the final fight act, whatever was anticlimactic. It was it just was. So it just wasn’t it didn’t pay off. It wasn’t earned at all. It’s just it was like this whole twist with the whole story that you can see coming a mile away. And I think some Marvel fans, I’m not going to lie. I think they’re not going to be too pleased with it. I think it’s almost a similar situation of Iron Man three in the manner in I don’t know. We’ll see. Sorry, I have a guys. That’s my review right there. I mean, it’s not all bad. There are some moments. We’re like, oh, that’s cool.

Yeah, OK, 90s vibe nostalgia. I mean, yeah, it’s just I just did not like this movie. So obviously, guys, I’m just a huge, big misogynist man. I have to tell you that this movie is loaded with jokes and most of them fall flat completely. Some jokes actually shit on the MCU history.

Like what? You build all this up to make certain jokes, other things. I mean, my God. And I think my favorite parts in the movie were actually the Stan Lee tribute at the beginning, the Stan Lee cameo, because I was like in the mid credit scene that ties in an end game.

That was those are my favorite parts of the movie, really. And I really hope the Russos can do her justice because these two directors, man. I think the three of them, Larson included, just did not know what they wanted to do with this character really at all.

So we have a guy who, of course, I’m not going to put it on the favor of twenty nineteen.

I just. Yeah, I just did not like this movie. And there you have it, guys. Let me know your thoughts about it down below. What would you think of the movie if you saw it hit that like comes up.

And if you be so kind subscribe to my channel as a film junkie dotcom for all my content. And of course, this is the closet for shirts and stickers and following on that social media stuff. Right, guys?



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