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Full text transcript of Captain Marvel film review

I’m Johnny Millennium. This is Victor Lucas and this is film
Fury, and we just want to see the controversial movie Captain Marvel with Brie
Larson playing Captain Marvel. Samuel L. Jackson and Jude Law. And, Rick,
you’re going to take the heat on this. Yeah. What did you think about Captain
Marvel throwing it right to me?

Yes, honestly, I was a little underwhelmed. Yes. Yeah. The
movie is loaded with lots of flashy explosions when you get there. When you get
there. Yeah. The challenge is the beginning. Part of this movie is quite slow.
Yes. And it takes a lot of time. And we’ve got to we’ve got somebody with has
lost their memory. And so that means that there’s a lot of expository dialogue
and a lot of fill in the blanks to kind of tell you what the story flashbacks
and all that.

A lot of catching up to what’s really going on and whose
flashbacks are important, because we see a lot of the same scenes again and
again and again from various angles. And we’re trying to put this mystery

And honestly, it just felt a little bit too lazy and the
whole watching that.

So here’s what I’m going to say. The first half of this
movie felt like a television movie. It didn’t feel like a Marvel, a blockbuster
Marvel film. We’re used to I was shocked because Larson and Samuel L. Jackson,
you would think they would come with a huge punch on screen and they would have
great chemistry. Samuel L. Jackson is great. He’s going everything he does. But
this was a flat Samuel L. Jackson. I like him. I always like everything he
does. Like, you know, I wasn’t blown away, though, right?

I was it wasn’t like, oh, my God, I’ve never seen anything
like this before, apart from the fact that they did him and they did. Phil
Coulson, played by Clark Gregg. And it’s great to see them. I mean, the
connective tissue of all the MCU there.

The problem, Brie Larson, is this kind of blah. She’s flat.
She’s flat. No, it’s very kind of she’s there. And it felt like, as I said, a
TV movie. The budget didn’t feel there. The direction was really bad for the
first half, like almost, I hate to say this, almost amateurish. And a lot of
ways I think I could kind of do this a little bit better.

At times the script was not where it needed to be. The story
wasn’t there. And I think that’s the major thing. I mean, Marvel has been
working with excellent directors. Yes. People that have the sensibility to
craft their own vision, like Tyco wanted James gone. And, yeah, the Russo
brothers, you know, the Batman movies have a style of their own, every one of
these films. And we are also inundated with all kinds of other choices now. I
mean, James WANs, Aquaman was crazy.

But one, go figure out, how did that go so big?

We had no idea the Deadpool movies and, you know, and all
the television shows that are out there. So we have this robust buffet of
incredible superhero treats to enjoy. And so the first half of Captain Marvel
just does not measure up.

It’s a major letdown. Yes. And I will say this. It picks up
near the end. I will say this for it. Well, but at that point but at that
point, I was kind of already checked out of the movie. I never felt emotionally
invested in the characters. I there was some because they were interesting.
Honestly, this is going to sound bizarre. Emotionally connected is a major
thing, right? Not either. No, no. This also felt like a Star Trek episode. OK,
maybe maybe because of the makeup of some of the elite of the world and all
that. What I think that was weird.

I like that there’s like the cosmic element in there. And
it’s like a different perspective on what Guardians of the Galaxy has been
doing. I like that.

And there’s even characters and and sort of, you know, they
expand upon it’s kind of the behind the scenes like that. Yeah, me too.

That was cool, but it just takes so long to get going. And,
you know, we we have a couple of cool little fight sequences at the beginning,
which felt a little it just felt a little, you know, sort of disconnected and

Yeah. I feel with the amnesia sort of plotline, put it
because of that, you’re just not invested.

I felt, you know, I hate to say this. I was yawning at
times. I was like, yeah, OK. Like, this is great for a TV movie. Can we can we
get to the Marvel movie about Captain Marvel?

And I’ll tell you when it when she does start to really
claim her powers and abilities and we get to see how powerful this person is,
this hero is, it really ramps up. It becomes like, holy crap, this is fun to
watch the guys in the seat next to me.

We’re seeing it best because I was like, I don’t listen to
them. God will get influenced. Oh, yeah. But I kind of agree with them. Yeah.
It was kind of like a dragonball in the episode where the the super say, yeah,
I think I think I was waiting for her to relish and enjoy the moment of being
Captain Marvel. Yes. And she just kind of doesn’t she says like, whoa.

And then she’s just doing things and there should be some
moment of build up and excitement and wow, look, Captain Marvel is super powerful.
She is still she is totally too chill about what’s going on all the way through
except for the like. There’s moments of her going to and I want way more of

Right. Like way more energy. And we’ve seen, like, you know,
Captain America really sort of own the new physicality that he has started.

And that’s why, you know, he. They’re trying to understand
their abilities. It’s about understanding and using these abilities, it kind of
scared by their abilities and then they’re mastering the abilities and then
great, amazing things happen that doesn’t happen.

I mean, it was seem same voice and it was it was scripted
that way, like Leon directed that way. I think Brie Larson is fully capable of
owning all of this character and doing a good job with it. Yeah, physically,
she owns it. It’s just like this vocal kind of flatness.

I just felt like she just didn’t, like, punched in, you
know, and she doesn’t I don’t know. She I guess the decision on the direction
is that she’s still learning to to become. Are you kidding me? She she learned
really fast and was totally fine with it. As you just said, she’s just like
totally OK in terms of expressing it and in terms of like owning a human being.
So that’s I don’t I don’t know. But I don’t agree with that direction. Yeah, I
feel like she yeah. She could have a lot more kind of inflection and feel
human. And I think you just said it.

She didn’t say, oh my God, I have these powers. My can I
control them. This is God. Like, this is insane. It’s just like. Yeah, yeah.

Like she’s like she has she has a moment like physically
they show that, but just not in her in the way she delivers. Absolutely. Yeah.
I mean it looks cool and they’re smart.

And to be honest with you, some of these superhero movies
now, some of the CG is just so kastin. I mean, not even in a good way, like
even in the beginning, you’re watching an animated movie total and they don’t
even care any more anime. That’s it doesn’t even look realistic. Yeah. You
know, and I’m saying that for a lot of superhero movies in general, I mean,
some of the CG and stuff like that, the spaceships flying, they look like like
CGI spaceships flying from above.

I don’t know how they make a realistic human flying with a
glow around them blasting it.

Well, you know what? That’s not your job and that’s not my
job. We’re just there to watch the movie. You know, I was in by the end, like I
fully was like, OK, now I’m getting this and I dig this. But I it took a long
time and I was shocked. I thought I was going to love this movie. I really did.
I mean, to be honest, I like I like the actors. I think it’s the scripts was
not up to snuff. I and I honestly thought we were going to come out of the
movie. We’re going to stand here because we never talk about the movies. We
close our eyes. I don’t want to know what do we standing here. I honestly
thought you were going to love the movie. I did. I thought you were going to.
Oh, my God. You know, this is this is amazing. No. Yeah. Yeah. Well, I really
enjoyed about half of the movie I enjoy.

Ok, I can’t there’s no spoilers. And especially for the last
scene of the movie, you know, the the secret after the credits. That was my
favorite bit in the movie. OK, not the rest of it I honestly could do. Can you

Ok, well, I know people are going to be wondering this. Can
you see Captain Marvel fitting in with The Avengers and become.

Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah. This is because of where
she goes, no matter what she’s in it. We can’t change that. Yes, it is part of
the stories where they’re going. So yeah, it is what it is.

You know what the origin stories are? The ones you got to
nail, I think with superheroes. Yeah.

They’re they’re the most interesting to create. Well, here’s
the thing. And this was not the most interesting origins.

I do know Captain Marvel, and that was the other opportunity
news. Yes. Marvel, I thought I knew and I didn’t know. And I was like, oh, we
get to find out. And then only near the end, I got to find out who Captain
Marvel was.

But I didn’t give a crap, you know? And the other thing that
I really have to call into question, too, is the decision to set this in the
nineties. I really don’t know.

The only other thing that I liked, it was cool, but I think
it’s you know, they look like they’re sticking to the timeline.

I think of, you know, I can’t keep up with all this
storyline. Yeah.

I guess they had to kind of fit it into a place where they
could sort of have Nick Fury, no Captain Marvel. And they had to kind of
figure, but it felt gimmicky and it’s. Yeah, like an easy excuse to run old
music and.

Oh, my. And when they said I’m just a girl, I was just like
that was so cashed in. I didn’t like that at all.

I was like, that’s really cheesy.

I mean, it didn’t make me love it. Yeah. Those are, those
are choices that. Yeah, I agree. Could have been more interesting. This whole
movie should have been more interesting.

They should have been a Marvel movie. I’m not sure this is
going to sound weird. And I’m not bashing on DC movies especially that, you
know, some of the some of them have done well. But this felt like a misplaced
Disney movie, you know what I mean? I know they felt very mixed up in what I
was trying to do. They’re trying to do some good, but they absolutely didn’t do

It just it missed that energy. There was something about
it’s so funny for maybe the most, you know, powerful energy infused hero that
has this movie was missing energy.

And I want to say there’s a lot of controversy about this
movie. And I went into the movie and I’m like, I’m not even going to think
about that. I’ve been a judge the movie and what it is. And I was like, oh,
it’s OK. Yes. I mean, you guys know me. I love these freakin movies. I wasn’t I
didn’t want it to be completely transported in love, this film. And I and I
want to be sent away. We go to movies to have a good time so we don’t torture
our goddamn himself. Know for sure. So it’s going to come to it. What are you
going to give Captain Marvel? I’m going to give it a I’m going to give it a
seven out of ten. I’m going to go a bit lower. This is crazy. 5.5. Wow. OK.



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