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The Intruder’s cast- a critique by Pay Or Wait

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Austin Burke’s sentiment on individual actors in The Intruder’s cast:

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Dennis QuaidPositive
Michael EalyMeh
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Full-text transcript of The Intruder review:

[00:00:00] You know, Dennis Quaid, I mean, there is bad in the intruder. He was so creepy in this movie that I can’t even watch the parent trap the same anymore. Everyone is Sharon from Paperweights and today want to be reviewing the intruder, which is directed by Diane Taylor, who’s responsible for directing traffic, and so this film stars making good Michael Ely and Dennis Quaid centers around the Russell family. OK, so we are scouting and they are living their best life. Scott, make a book. Money is so that is why have you I’m happy life and so any wants to start a family, but she wants to move out into the country to do that. And so Scott buys Annie her dream house out in the country. And so they purchased this house from Charlie, who is played by Dennis Quaid. And so everything seems to be going find it. And until we find out that Charlie is just Buku crazy, OK? He starts doing all these crazy things that let us know that something’s not right with him and he just cannot let go of this house. So let’s get into what I liked about the film. So first and foremost, actually drive Michael Ely’s character of Skype. So Skype is basically who we are, like everything that we were thinking. That’s what Scott was saying. And that’s why I connected with Scott. I was like, yes, like, please get together because I just don’t understand why she’s doing the things that she does.

[00:01:25] And it almost makes me question why you decided to marry her, because I was just like, something’s not right for her either to just be letting all these, like, signs that something’s wrong with this. May I just go over her head? I just didn’t understand. But what he would make comments. I would be like, yes, exactly what I was thinking. And then he was also funny. I laugh. There are other people in the audience laughing at the same time. So he was probably one of my favorite characters outside of Dennis Quaid. Yeah. When are still bad. Dennis Quaid was so crazy in his film that it almost made me feel like Dennis. You probably stop somebody like back in a day, like tell the truth because you just a little bit too crazy and you can tell that he’s really having fun with his character. You can tell that is almost to the point where he overcommit that is sometimes cartoonish. There’s definitely the see like she’s in the shower. And then I was just looking like, Sarah, you look way too creepy with a face. And then he also has this light shining moment where they’re doing like The Shining reenactment. I don’t know, that’s what they were intentionally trying to do, but that’s definitely how it came off on screen. And I was just like, you know, what? If Dennis wasn’t in this movie, I wouldn’t have had as much fun. But he definitely like he’s my favorite character in the film.

[00:02:35] He definitely made the film more enjoyable, more entertaining to watch, more thrilling to watch. Because I know, like I said a couple of times, I scream, I scream. Where is it going to be crazy? Like Sharon is not even scary. Like, why are you going to like this now? I was like the man grealy like you. You won’t be scared. Like if he did something like that in real life, like I thought it was just me. Now I guess it is just me, but also to Joseph because in this film he plays Tammy Stars but he plays Mike, who is Guy’s best friend and coworker. And so he plays like a scary version, like a scary cat version of Tommy Egan. And even people were still yelling Tammy in a theater like as some things were unfolding with his character, Johnny Power. But I would say his name Tommy, too. So it’s OK. But that’s pretty much what I enjoyed about the film. Now, what leads to what I most disliked about the film will have to be making this character any. Yeah, any any I just don’t know, like I said, the decision that any makes in this film, I love the first couple of one go. I said, you know what, you just trying to do the Lord’s work. You’re trying to be a good Christian. You’re trying to help your fellow neighbor, help him move on. Like I get it. OK, I’ma let this slide.

[00:03:46] But after the third, fourth, fifth, hundredth time that she did something that just made no sense, I was like any come on, y’all. Like, I understand that in these films, the characters have to make them decisions to get the movie. I get it. I understand. But this was just not realistic. And I don’t want to make this a race thing, but it’s just me speaking as a black person, the stuff that she was doing, stuff that a black person would not do. I was like, this is not a to anything that a black person would have done, because after the first time, like in a trailer, you see that he was cutting the grass after he they sold the house like they bought the house for people to be like, sorry, if you don’t get off my lawn, leave their lawn mower because it’s the one where there was no money on it and get off my property for I call the police or next time I will have my gun out to take care of you. OK, I was just like, this is not how people act in real life. And so there comes a time where I’ll give you one or two dumb decisions to make in a film. But she just kept making it over and over and over again to the point where I was yelling at any during a movie. Everybody else was yelling at any during a movie. And that was just like, yo, just go ahead and take her out because I can’t take her character no more.

[00:04:56] She was really bothering me. OK, so I will have to say I had to be truthful. I’ve actually seen this movie twice now. The first time I really hated this film like this with such trash. I hated it so much. I don’t know if I’ve just gone through a rough time in life. I was just having just a bad day. But I have to admit, the second time that I watched this film, I actually had a lot of fun with it. So I found the fun that found the movie to be so just over the top unrealistic, trying to follow all of these cliches to where most people would hate the movie. It just made the movie just more entertaining. I was laughing at the film, at the film, and my audience was lit to so they could have had something to do with the second reaction that I had. So if you want to watch a movie that you already know what’s going to happen, OK, you’re going to hear all those little beats of all these little doorframes, films that have come out just like before. You guys were probably like this film. And for that you you’re going drag me because it is. But before that, I have to say after my second, really, I would say it’s a pay now put it extra work on that pay because I will have to say only go to see this film in theaters.

[00:06:05] If there’s a huge crowd like go to see your opening weekend, you might want to do a couple of shots. They probably enhanced experience even more as well. But I think because of the energy that the crowd gave and because I didn’t take this movie seriously the second time around, that’s why I had an enjoyable experience. Now, you guys are like Sharon. I’m tired of seeing the same Dangerfield’s time and every time, like, they just can’t think of any new ideas, then it’s probably a wait for you. But I’m just speaking from my experience, the second time around is Ippei. I can’t believe I said that. I did say that that’s like real life right now. But yeah. So those are my thoughts. I’m sure you guys I’m sure you’re a drag on the economy section, but it’s OK. Sometimes we just have different differing opinions. And it’s all right, you guys. I love you and hopefully you still love me. OK, so those are my thoughts on an intruder is always my name is Sharana from payroll. Wait, if you like what you saw today, make sure you hit the like, but it hit subscribe. Share this video with your friends and make sure you hit that notification. Bill and I love you guys. Three thousand. You guys know who I’m talking about when I say I love you. Three thousand. OK, and so I will see you soon.

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