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[00:00:00] Olympus has fallen, it’s kind of like a 1990s action movie with 1990 CGI. Hey there, guys, how are you? So today I wear my tactical vest because every time I talk about an action movie, I feel like I have to wear this thing just in case, you know. Twenty five terrorists burst my front door, start taking over my house, eating all my food. The only food I have are frozen pizza. So I don’t know what the hell they’re going to do. And then I have to crawl through the ventilation shaft of my house, taking each one out with my bare hands. So the main plot to Olympus has fallen as a group of extreme terrorists working for North Korea take over the White House and they hold the president for hostage. But Gerard Butler, one bad ass Secret Service agent, is going to allow that to happen. Now, the movie obviously stars this guy, banker Gerard Butler, the leader of Spada. It also has Aaron Eckhart, a.k.a. to face playing the president. So here are my thoughts on Olympus has Fallen. Now, like I said in the intro, this movie reminded me of a 1990s action movie. You know, it’s kind of like Air Force One meets Die Hard and they had a baby together than Gerard Butler comes out nine months later. Now, going into Olympus has fallen. I was expecting the most cliché, stereotypical movie of the year, you know, judging by the trailers.

[00:01:08] And that’s why we can’t really judge movies by trailers anymore, because they either lie to us in a good way or bad way. But, you know, I see the Washington Monument blowing up and all these cliched slo mo shots. And with the American flag waving, I was like, now, do you get all those cliches throughout this movie? Oh, yeah, sort of. But you know what? The movie did such a great job of actually being a rated R action movie, and you don’t get many of those nowadays. And the ones that you do get just they don’t feel very well made to me. You know, they just feel like shaky cam junky movies. This one actually went for, you know, there’s a lot of brutality. And Gerard Butler, like I said before, he is a bad ass in this movie. He wants to stab people in the face with a knife. There’s a lot of hand-to-hand combat people getting shot to death with machine guns. Now, essentially, this movie, you have this terrorist organization doing this really complex plot to take over the White House and they actually succeed in it. And their whole plan is to hold the president hostage to get what they want. And when you have a movie with a plot like that, there’s a lot of things that can go wrong and you can make a very bad movie very quickly.

[00:02:02] But in this movie, it kind of makes you buy into it a little bit because you’re like, yeah, I could see them getting to that point with that much ammo and firepower and people behind it. Yeah, because they even make the reference in the movie that they took over the White House in 13 minutes. And it seemed like real time in the movie actually literally seem like 13 minutes of action as they were taking over the White House. And then the terrorist leader actually makes the comment. Yeah, it took us 30 minutes to take over the White House. And your response, times 15. That’s how we got it done. Another cool thing about this movie is Morgan Freeman gets to be the president again. He hasn’t done that since an asteroid was about to come to kill Earth in nineteen ninety eight. Now, I do have a few complaints with this movie. One of them is the CGI. Now some of the CGI shots. This movie looked completely awful to me. They looked outdated by about 12 years, you know, especially with what you can do nowadays. One of the shots was they had a couple of fighter jets in the sky and they look like three graphics. And they were just it didn’t look like they were moving.

[00:02:52] Right now, I have a few more complaints about this movie, and they kind of go with the script and plot of the movie. They’re here. Come on, come with me. We’re going to get under here and hide. Anyway, guys, in this movie, there’s a lot of script problems towards the last act of the movie. I mean, especially with some of the characters, they just make really dumb, stupid decisions that don’t make any sense. But anyway, you know, nothing too distracting from the overall plot of the movie. It didn’t really bother me that much. And another good thing about this movie was you could finally root for the good guy again, you know, finally a good guy that you clap for when he stabs bad guys in the face with his knife. Anybody that comes to that door and shoot him right in the face anyway, guys, actually, I think they’re gone now. We can get out of here. So overall, Olympus has Fallen was a great throwback to the 90s action genre. I really enjoyed the movie. It was surprisingly good. And overall, I’m going to give the movie A B, you know, it’s a solid action movie that really goes for it’s rated R, it’s enjoyable. And I recommend, if you like action movies, definitely go check it out.

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