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Maze Runner (2014)- a film review by Jeremy Jahns

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Full-text transcript of the Maze Runner (2014):

[00:00:01] There’s some random adolescent youth in this movie, you’re still not more hardcore than Sarah from Labrinth because whereas you guys had to take on biomechanical scorpion spiders in this movie, she had to take on the Bowie bow and no one wins against the Bowie bulge. It wins every time it’s. The Maze Runner, so the Maze Runners, a movie starring all adolescent youth, everyone in this field that surrounded by a huge maze, they don’t know whether they’re all their memories are gone. Then a new guy gets there. And, of course, now shit’s going to get red because he’s going to be like, why are we all settling for this shit? Let’s find a way out of here. Some people like it. Some people don’t, because it’s some conflict. It causes some hope. Point is, we now have a movie and it’s actually a pretty entertaining but pretty imperfect movie. Yeah, the movie has flaws for sure, especially when you get out of the movie, you start thinking about it. You’re like, that didn’t make sense, but you have a good time. The acting in the movie, for the most part, is pretty good. The little brat kid from Voyage of the Dawn Treader, he’s in this movie is the big militant guy who’d have thought you’d have thought a little whiny brat from the Narnia movie grow up to be Sergeant Eyebrow’s. What he is trying to maintain order in this place.

[00:01:06] Like let’s not change the game in the main, dude. It’s like, let’s change the game and the game gets changed when a female also arrives. Someone didn’t think this shit through somebody like, hey, that makes complete sausage fest to dudes, all adolescent. Some of them haven’t seen a female in years. Let’s send one female up where there are no consequences. Among them, they can drop rocks on Piggy’s head. They can commit really heinous sexual crimes if they want. Yeah, let’s send a chick up there make sense. The point is, I like the tone of this movie. I like the fact that, you know, everyone is essentially in a cage, this big field. You know, it has a habitat of sorts to it. They have a forest in the corner. For the most part. It’s just it’s a field in the middle of this huge maze. You look around 360 degrees. It’s just a big wall, such a big wall of ice in the north, you know, in western Rosenschein, it’s like that, but it’s big and metal and the doors of this masel open and people will run it in the daytime. They’ll try to map it out. But if they get caught in there at night, the doors are closed and then really huge biomechanical scorpions will kill them. Not only do you really get the confined feeling that people are cut off from the outside world, you don’t know what the world you don’t know where they are.

[00:02:04] Who has them in this maze? People. Is it aliens? What I saw Dark City. This shit could turn really nuts really fast. All you see is this field in the middle of the maze and you feel really isolated. And I like that because you’re supposed to feel that way. And this movie has more than a few really intense chase scenes in a movie called The Maze Runner. I want that, like, make it all go. Oh, man. That was an intense. Oh, shit, that’s my hand now because I came to see that in this movie and that movie delivered. That movie does drop the ball and believability, though, for sure. I was looking forward to this movie being like a Lord of the Flies type movie. You know, it’s like, oh, order, where is it? It’s not seriously. If these youth were left to their own devices to construct their own civilization in here, they’d be screwed. They do illustrate that that kind of was a phase that went through. But I just don’t think that phase would end. Maybe I watch too much walking dead to have faith in humanity, but I’m just saying, I just think it would go that way. And this movie doesn’t keep the intrigue alive for too long. It start showing you glimpses and things that let you piss the guy. It’s not even a piece together thing.

[00:02:59] It’s like, oh, you showed me that. Now I at least know that the world operates in this realm. I’m speaking in code because I don’t want to spoil it for you. But I’m just saying the first couple of glimpses, you’re like, OK, generally know where this is going now. I wish they kept you isolated, didn’t show any glimpses, no memories whatsoever, and then you could show it in the end. It just kind of it’s crazy, which I guess would be idealistic if the ending was good at all. The endings terrible. It’s shit. No, seriously, it’s one of those endings that the more you think about it when you’re driving home, the worse it gets. The ending is like a threat and you keep pulling on it. It just unravels the entire course of the story. And then you’re like, oh, the story is just arrived on the floor because it makes no sense, because the ending completely deconstructed all of it and made it all irrelevant because the ending makes no sense whatsoever. It’s one of those things where I was like I that doesn’t make sense for that. I’m not going to spoil the ending for you. But honestly, a better ending. It would be this big get out of this maze and then they see it, they see George Takei and he’s just like, hello, you’ve only been running the maze. To answer one very important question.

[00:03:56] Do people really hate the McRib? Oh, and that would be it. And you’d be like, oh, that’s stupid as shit. It’s better than the real. And in the end, the maze runner, it’s implausible. It doesn’t make sense. But they do a good job at isolating you and you’re rooting for these people to make it out of this maze or find their answers. It doesn’t keep intriguing alive too long because of these flashbacks. I’d like to see a cut of the movie where they just take out the flashbacks. It has really intense moments. It was exciting in parts. And even if it’s not exciting, even when they’re just talking all about the environment, man has good environment, but the ending shit just leave ten minutes before the movie ends. You’ll be fine. And I will still say the maze runner is still a good time. No alcohol required. Oh my God. Willing to make a sequel. Who knows? Maybe with 3-D being the craze right now, they’ll call it 3D world runner. You remember that game. Holy shit. I played the shit out of that game then. No, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no. So the maze runner. Have you seen it? What did you think about it? We thought comment below. Let me know. And as always, if you like what you’re seen here and you want to see more, click right here to see more.

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