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Oh, my God, it’s get the voice of an angel. A breathtaking.


Welcome, everybody, to what the flick Hangover three.

This one’s going to be good because Alonzo is here, I’m here and apparently Jenckes back.

I’m blonde and I have boobies now. Yeah, I know. It’s a it’s a difference of opinion here. We’re going to have fun today with The Hangover, part three, Roman numeral three. Very serious. Right.

So this is this is the third installment in The Hangover trilogy. They probably didn’t need to even be a second one because the first one was so wonderful and so novel and so fresh.

But this time we go to a much more serious, much darker direction. Allen the Zach Galifianakis character has gone off of his meds and spiraling out of control. And so the members of the Wolf Pack, played by Bradley Cooper, Ed Helms and Justin Bartha forget the name because he’s barely in these movies.

Right. He’s just the guy with the help of Collateral all the time. Yes.

So they step in and do an intervention and offer to drive him to a treatment center in Arizona. This will clearly not be an innocuous little jog through the desert. Take a look.


Your description of the movie was better than the movie.

Not true. OK, so here’s why I like this movie. And I was shocked to hear myself saying this because I hated you, hated The Hangover Part two. I thought it was the worst movie of that year.

I was so angry that it was just lazy, arrogant, cynical, beat for beat rehash of part one.

What I go on, there’s a train of thought here.

So I love the fact that he dared to go in a totally different direction, tonally, emotionally, structurally. This is a dark film and it goes into dangerous places. And there is there are genuine consequences here beyond just wackiness for this brash, dangerous place. Does it go to? I don’t emotionally. I think it definitely does in terms of really taking a look at Alan’s mental illness is beyond just a source of laughs at this point. I mean, it’s taken seriously this time.

I think it’s played for laughs. I think it’s there.

And I think they’re just pointing at the at the at the goofy guy with the I mean, there are moments there are more quiet and more intimate than we’ve seen in the previous films. I get the sense that he actually is trying to do something different. And that alone, I appreciate there’s a daring here we have not seen since the first one. And I just like that he dared to alienate the very audience that made these films so successful. And people are walking into this thinking it’s going to be a comedy because in theory it should be.

But it was an action thriller. It was an attempted comedy. It was here and there. Well, it wasn’t even remotely funny for a second.

Not that I left a time and a half, I think.

Yeah, there was an early scene. I don’t care if I’d given one line away the that early in the movie. You can see it coming as soon as it develops.

They kill a giraffe and capitate. Yeah, he’s decapitated on an interstate. But at least then Bradley Cooper said, you know, and they’re all like, oh my God. And Bradley Cooper says he killed a giraffe. Who gives a fuck? And then for a moment I thought, oh, maybe this is going to be a little subversive.

But that was know you know, the movie sort of, I think maybe flirts with the idea of the movie that you magically saw that, you know, where they’re driving to Arizona and they get kidnapped. And and you’re finally thinking, oh, OK, finally these guys are going to pay for being, like, obnoxious, you know, white guy schmucks who think they can sort of coast through the world and just wreak havoc and not ever pay any consequences. But no, no, no, no. We’re back to the usual high jinks. And it’s I’ve never been a fan of the series.

I think that if you’re going to for the first hangover, I like the premise of it, the idea of it. But I think if we do that kind of comedy, it has to be clockwork precise, like if you’re reconstructing the night before, it’s got to be this happened and it was it was a sloppy movie. So it bugged me. The second one is, you’re right, it’s it’s all over the place. I’m lazy. This was just flat out not funny. And it’s not just me.

I mean, Ben and I went last night at 10:00 p.m. to a commercial screening with regular folks, full house, full house for people who were dying to see The Hangover, Part three on a Wednesday night. Crickets. I mean, you could just feel the soul of that room getting sucked out by this movie, like the forty plus like the Forty Niners locker room at the Super Bowl, I’m sure.

But how does that affect your mood, though? I mean, they they pack those big screenings, they pack into opening night things for the regular folks who are going to be all pumped. How much did it affect your mood in the opposite way to have it be dead? No, no, it was dead.

There’s no question. You could have I could have seen it at the studio with people with fake laughter. There’s no way I’m not going to lie. And nobody I mean, there was anger after the movie. There were people. The guy behind us was like, I can’t believe I just 30 fucking bucks on that. And then just I mean, the silence was really like like we’re trudging out of the theater like this. What I’m saying is that they were trudging out of the theater. It felt like we all just awoke from a dream. And it turns out it’s nineteen seventy seven.

And we all work at a Soviet coal mining town in the Urals, like it was just the Bataan Death March of Hollywood comedies.

You know, I thought I think it’s a matter of expectations then it’s a matter of expectations. Maybe mine were lower because I hated to so much and to see something different was very exciting for me.

These are characters suddenly these are like such cardboard cutouts they plug into situations. Zach Galifianakis is the only one who’s doing anything remotely interesting or funny, and I’m sure he’s making half of it up. And, you know, I mean, you know, it’s a such stock situations.

All this is the same shit we’ve seen before. More can Jong who decided there needed to be more Kim Jong un, and that was the care about him as a human being.

I’m with you on that.

And a little bit of Kim Jong un goes long way and ordinarily a little bit of the Zach Galifianakis character goes a long way. But there is I would say there is actual development to these people. There are other sides of them. There is shading in Mr. Chow.

I would say the whole sequence where it’s it’s not fun and wacky and debauchery. It’s like dark and scary. In the penthouse suite at Caesars, when they finally find him, I would say that that is a darker look at him and a closer look.

His sociopathic soul, then just the wackiness that the smoking monkey that jumps up in a parachute in a way is yelling, I love Coke and you, they can play. Yes, that that was good.

Now I’m with you that a lot a little attention goes a long way. I’m not a fan of his, but I think they definitely show like loneliness and neediness with him here. And he’s talking to some of the most lines.

No, look, look, I’m all for like, let’s take a popular franchise and turn it on its ear. Let’s defy expectations. Let’s give the audience something they didn’t know they wanted or maybe they don’t want it all. This is not that.

This is this is just shit. This is a terrible movie. I’m sorry.

People are going to be pissed. I think if you go in thinking it’s going to be a darker movie and being ready for that, maybe you’ll enjoy it more.

I think we’ll walk into this thinking they’re going to back. It’s not a good darker character study either. No, it’s not just this movie. People die. I’m not going to deny there’s there’s none of it carries any weight.

You know, the only interesting thing is to figure out how fast they’re going to make Justin Bartha disappear, because they do that every movie, you know, they like, they shove them off to the to the sidelines as quickly as possible. And then just like, when are they going to wrap it up?

It becomes that kind of thing where you realize that there’s a whole other city to go to. There’s a whole other set of steps that have to be completed to accomplish the plot. And you’re thinking, oh, God is ever going to be over.

You know, I mentioned the draft. You know, the giraffe gets decapitated. They smother it rooster like they. Oh, you with a pillow, with a pillow. And they and then they kill two dogs, like, you know, I mean, OK, I guess that’s dark, but it’s not like each time it’s supposed to be funny.

And I don’t think it’s supposed to be funny. I don’t think he’s hurting people when he’s suffocating the.

I think. Well, go then they nailed it. Yeah.

But I think a lot is not going to be funny. There are labs here and there. The Melissa McCarthy stuff is great. There are funny moments, funny individual lines and a lot of weirdness. Zach Galifianakis.

But I think a lot of it is meant to be funny, but for a not funny movie, it’s not interesting, dramatically interesting, dramatically at all.

And I don’t. And the most bizarre stuff I didn’t think so much was funny as though. But you recognize just in a moment when she’s not even speaking like I just got I was there with my girlfriend and Alonzo and I was like, Melissa McCarthy is like super talented.

Like, she just sort of there’s a there’s an aggressive talent that’s in every scene she’s in, even even though her part is very small.

It’s worth noting this is the first one that’s not written by the guys who wrote the first two. It’s co-written by director Todd Phillips.

And the guy who wrote Identity Thief is horrible is this is much better than this one. Another one again, I would say I this I would say identity three times before you watch this again, which you never know. He said, all we can say about this, I think you should start. Yeah, I drink. I gave it away.

Six point seventy six point says holy shit, it’s unbelievable. You know, it’s a forty one percent on Rotten Tomatoes.

There are other critics besides me who like this movie. I’m okay with my position on this. I’m really comfortable with it.

I said, which of these cinema scores is if you if you hated Hangover two, you’re going to be disappointed in this. This is different.

And that alone makes it better than I said, zero point six. That’s just gratuitous. I know.

You having fun with. No, no, it isn’t. It is. This movie hurt me. It’s terrible. It’s a zero point five. How beautifully shot. What are you talking about. Yeah, I’m not. I want to know why he loves cocaine for a long time.

You’re clarified butter. All right. Well, that was fun. We give it a Christie, inject it up to a two point six is our overall rate.

It’s a forty one percent. And then to me tomorrow. Oh my God.

If you want to see it, there are two other sequels opening today that are much better. And we’ll get to those in a second. Do not go see this. Why?

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