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Right. It’s time for The Hangover. Yeah, Heather Graham and Ed Helme, who were on the program briefly. Yes. In the week. Well, they did well. It was quite it was quite a fun conversation with them, but it got a bit shaky on the old interview, like Shashi Shashi. Well, is that interference between here and their luxury hotel? OK, we had to curtail OK, the entertainment.

Well, the story is what is this? There’s a bunch of well, you know, the cinema. There’s a bunch of blokes, one of them’s getting married the other and say, let’s go to Las Vegas for a weekend. Now, let me say that any film involves going to Las Vegas that isn’t either leaving Las Vegas or Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas automatically starts to lose my sympathy because I have been to Las Vegas and it is the end of the world. I agree with you on that. And so it’s hard to go to Las Vegas for a great time. And they go with the bride’s brother and then they go to the hotel, the Chicken Hotel. They wake up the next morning and they can’t remember anything. There is a tiger in the bathroom. There is a baby in the cupboard. And then they have to spend the rest of the movie finding out what it was that they did on the night. They think about I forgot what it was that I was drinking to forget. And they have to therefore. So basically, it’s, dude, where’s my wedding? Although apparently we’re not supposed to notice that at one point in their travels, they come back to their hotel room to find Mike Tyson.

Yes. Mike Tyson in their hotel asking for his tiger back. And because we were a sports network, he’s the bit with Mike Tyson.

Quite a show. Mike Tyson is my favorite part coming up right now.

I mean, tonight, of course, my guy.

Oh, well, I’ve been waiting for this moment all my life time.

Ow, ow, ow, ow, ow. Why did you do that?

Mr. Tyson would like to know, why is Tiger in your bathroom?

There was talk for a while that they were going to make a sequel to Dude, where’s my car called? Seriously, dude, where’s my car? Which is quite a funny title. The problem that I have with Betty and I sat in the screening when there was much laughter people did you know Gafoor chuckle you know.

Yeah. That well there were loads of, there were lots of comments when Heather Graham and I were on and I put it on it and loads of people saying actually I was expecting to be a bit rubbish, but actually I laughed more than I was expecting.

I wanted to laugh much, much more than I did. I laughed twice. And generally my feeling about it was I just kind of don’t care, because the problem is this.

In order to find comedies funny, you have to have some sort of engagement with the characters. You have to find in some way their predicament is, you know, sympathetic or they have to be just so repulsive that they repulsiveness. It’s funny. The thing with this is it’s just nothing. It’s just, oh, we’ve got to find out what we did. Heather Graham, a stripper, as a surprise, very, very underwritten role. She does a very best with it. But there’s really nothing. I sit there watching Heather Graham thinking you’re so great in Boogie Nights, what happened? And obviously what happened is that just aren’t many great parts.

And and there’s a breastfeeding joke, which I kind of winced at because I find that stuff kind of just, you know, chauvinistic, boring. And we’re meant to find these guys engaging. And I don’t find them engaging. And then the the scale of the things that happen just gets bigger and bigger. They got Mike Tyson, Mike Tyson, Tiger in the bathroom. There’s actually a baby that’s been lost. They steal a police car and they’re dead.

Let them. And then I start worrying about things like, well, the time scale doesn’t work. It’s meant to be 24 hours. But they kind of got from there to there in six hours and it must be ten o’clock by now. And and this is sort of underlying thread of just blokey leeriness that apparently everyone else in the screening room found really funny. Now, I can’t deny this. In the screening that I saw, people of both genders were laughing, not me.

I just thought, oh, who do we have to do this all over again? Do we have to do the story about the four blokes going on the Las Vegas and strippers and the thing in the marriage?

The chaplain has a new one. I haven’t heard that. It’s that’s me. That’s me. That’s Mike Yarwood. And now this is me.

Oh, do you really have to do it all over again? I was I was watching thinking once. I want to laugh. I want to be revenge of the nerds.

You don’t want to I start thinking about, you know, of filled out my tax returns and would leave the electricity on the phone. No, no, no. But I did. That’s it, Simon. Oh I know. I do become that person.

I’m sorry. It may be me or it may be that the film isn’t half as funny as everybody who is laughing likes to think. Noah in New Jersey, Dear Arthur and Patsy. So hang over in spite of myself, thanks to all the glowing reviews from the American press. What were they thinking? Oh, good. What’s so funny about a bunch of one dimensional, one dimensional adults acting like adolescent nitwits? Yeah, if I had known what I was getting into, I would have saved my money and watched Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas. There we are, an infinitely smart. He just knows how to get his email right. Does get smarter and funny a film that sees Las Vegas for the cesspool. It really exactly. He’s telling a doctor that he please tell me the good doctor won’t give it the pass. My fellow Americans. Oh, no. And I’m amazed by, you know, people saying, oh, well, despite myself, I laughed. And actually, Stewart in Little Hampton went saw the hangover last night after the trailer. And early reviews suggest it might actually rise above the recent wave of Arpatepe out of step with her better style bromance comedies, of which I generally have no interest. Despite the hype, I’m positive that it will fail. The Doctors comedy acid test of five laughs at best. I chuckled several times during the opening twenty minutes, but which time? The concept had totally run flat and I came to the depressing realization that I was not going to laugh again for the remainder of the film, which proved to be the case. I’m sure the writers must have done their fair share of drinking during the process of writing the movie. As I can imagine, a scenario where scenes like Mike Thomas, Mike Tyson, sometimes civilians might have saved his. That’s that strong. A real hangover, though, is meant to remind you what seemed like a laugh the night before is often quite the opposite the next morning. It’s just a shame they didn’t suffer such a hangover themselves.

I would like to remind everybody, incidentally, anyone who is in any doubts about the efficacy of the having the Mike Tyson cameo of the film that was made recently, the documentary film, did you see it twice? Not documentary? It was. Oh yeah. And. Well, it’s an interesting thing because it’s out of his own mouth, is he condemned? I mean, his attitude towards women is positively Neanderthal. And just what’s staggering about it is that you think I can’t believe somebody is actually saying those words out loud in the real world rather than just thinking them in their head and then getting censored before they get to you. You know, you just don’t say some of the things that he says. I mean, when people say, well, he’s being honest. Well, yeah, but that’s not an excuse. And I did think, although although the hangover isn’t anything like as misogynist as perhaps it could have been, it is still boringly blokey in that, oh, aren’t these guys drinking beer and doing stuff with strippers? Aren’t they really interesting?

No, they’re not interesting. They’re just. Did you ever hang out with or did you ever go bachelor party?

Have you ever been to a bachelor party? Well, he’s had the same as a steak night. Yeah, that’s what it is. Just like. Have you ever been to stagnate? Oh, yeah, I’ve been to a few. But have you not the way that any movies is just going down to the pub and having a meal off. Do you want to know what I did for my stag night? Not really, no. I tell you, I will do. Here’s what I did. I took myself to a cinema in London to watch the 70 millimeter print of The Exorcist and went home and had an early night. And you know what? One of the best nights. I mean, I’ve loved it. Great. All our going out. Oh, no, sorry. On the way. Oh, relax.

I mean, just hell on earth. Did you not think to invite some friends know what a meal afterwards. No. To enjoy their company. No excuse for a party.

I don’t like it. I don’t like parties and I don’t like people and I don’t like hangovers or that hangover in particular. Thanks very much for listening.

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