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Full text transcript of Cars 2 film review:

In 2006, two unlikely friends became the heroes of Radiator Springs, but on their next big road trip, they’re not only racing across.

They’re racing to save the world. What the fuck, everybody? Ben Mankiewicz from the Turner Classic Movies and what the flick you wear so many hats and the Christie Associate Press presents at the movies. That’s not going well, right?

It’s so great. Please tune in. Check your local listings.

Alonzo her all day from the Linoleum Knife podcast and from also writing the DVD column for movies dot com. Just think we need to refresh everyone on what we do.

Finnmark missile. British intelligence. My average intelligence picture back.

And the nice story. I mean, the important story behind this, because it may be the one spectrum of the the Pixar movies. Correct?

Is that the really, really far opposite spectrum from every other Pixar movie ever made? Cars two cars two. Yeah. To the sequel to Cars.

This time Lightning four, which is not the sequel to Tron. There are so hard movies.

Lightning McQueen, voiced by Owen Wilson, has been asked to take part in this International Grand Prix. He drags along Mater the Rusty Ashok’s tow truck with a heart of gold voiced by Larry the cable guy. There are multiple other plots and things going on in here involving alternate fuel sources, and it’s also a James Bond. Take a look at the plane and. Mm hmm. On approach that you get to work on.

When I carry on cars to board again, he avoids my trailer alone. Yeah, just from a little slice of the trailer is very shiny and full of action, though.

Oh, my God. It was so long. It seemed like it was four hours long. It kept ending. You know what would have made it better? A couple of more car races.

Yeah, they’re all interchangeable. How many were there? Eight. I just kept going on it.

But even when it wasn’t an official race, they were driving fast somewhere, it seemed. I know it’s called cars, too.

I’m not a moron. But lest you suggest in the comment section, yeah, that is a moron.

And also, I’m sure people would suggest it’s a kids movie. Leave it alone.

This is a Pixar movie. Pixar movies are movies that kids can enjoy on one level and adults can enjoy in another level. They’re there for the most part. Well-written films are smart. They’re about interesting things and they can convey their little messages about, you know, friendship or, you know, whatever in a smart way that won’t make your teeth hurt. This is not that movie.

This movie is a whole lot of Larry the cable guy. And if you were not a fan of Larry the cable guy, prepare to be in agony.

Yeah, I like how you and I both went home to our respective spouses and said the exact same thing.

Larry, the cable guy goes a long way.

You know, when I came out of the theater and I guess we all saw it in the same place at the same time at the wonderful El Capitan Theater there in Hollywood, the Disney Theater. And, you know, and a couple of kids came out there. That’s awesome. And I’m like, well, you know, I guess they love it. But, you know, they like kids, like any animated movie. Like, it’s a ridiculous measure. There’s no animated movie the kids don’t like. They would like an animated movie about Mussolini.

You know, kids like that, like butter and jelly that’s in the same jar. Totally anything like that.

That’s really smart. Yeah. Efficient Il Duchaine, you make that movie and they’re going to be like, oh, is awesome. Yeah.

But this, more than any other Pixar movie, really is pandering to the littlest kids, but also trying to cater very transparently to the ever expanding international moviegoing audience by having it take place in London and Paris and Tokyo and that. Right. That seems like one really obvious thread here. But then you also are trying to cater to middle America by putting Larry the cable guy front and center. But then you’re also trying to have this alternative fuel message, right? The villainous cars are all about big oil and alternative fuel sources are a better thing.

And yeah, but I would actually think that one there’s a tragedy for me is that I got a little confused by the plot, of course, to give you a chance, quite tell whether at the end that maybe sort of the alternative fuel source people were also a little sinister. Like was was that was it was there a are we getting beaten over the head with the message that alternative fuel is the right way to go?

Yeah, because the bad guys are scheming. They were scheming to get oil.

But then I thought there was a little mocking at the end of alternative fuel. And I can give a crap, but I know now we’ll explain.

I’ll explain to you why I don’t want to do an experiment. But yeah, this is a movie that exists because it wasn’t the first cars did well, it was not the biggest Pixar hit, but it is the most successful Pixar merchandising movie. Little kids all have their, you know, bedsheets in their sippy cups and whatever. And so the reason this movie exists really is to sell a whole new round of beach towels.

My, my my partner, Dave White on Linoleum Night suggested that they should just give away tickets to this for free because the movie is not where they’re making their money. It’s an all the toys and the plastic crap with the names of the cars on it. And, you know, the the bucktooth, you know, tow truck, that’s where the money comes.

That’s a great point. When did the first movie come out? In 2004, 2006 to 2006.

That that that I think that makes sense because not long after that, I bought a car, which is I think I see a guy who was in a car with teeth because Alonzo wants to know why the cars have to. They don’t. So I think it’s a great question. It’s a totally fair question.

Can we talk about the fact that John Lasseter directed this to John Lasseter is a genius here that my stomach is so loud, your stomach just so hungry. Your stomach did not like cars. Oh, my God. It turns out feeling so like John Lasseter, Pixar mastermind.

Yeah. Comes back and directs this second car. His movie does it in any way have the imprint of somebody who should know what quality is?

Well, it looks great. I mean, there’s no knocking the look of the film. The animation is gorgeous. The the you know, all the sort of sweeping vistas and the international cities and the cars themselves are beautiful to look at. Shiny and tactile. Exactly. Yeah, yeah. Yeah. I mean, it really does feel like you could reach out and touch but oh God. The writing, the writing, the writing, the writing. And again this Pixar is so good at the writing, like there’s a million animation studios out there that know how to get all the little million hairs on the woolly mammoth or whatever. These guys know how to write scripts.

Not this time. I mean, I think just you can we throw the word genius around John Larson or something of a genius? No visionary, no extraordinary. I mean, he’s one of the most important people in film in the back half of the last century. In the first part of this century, just this once. Not very good. It’s OK. It doesn’t change his status.

People are asking me, like, what does this do to the Pixar name? Like, nothing is an anomaly. It’s an anomaly.

It will it will make money. Small children will love it. Parents won’t necessarily feel like they’ve been had their head stepped on for two hours. But from a clinical standpoint and you were saying on the tomato meter, it’s already kind of it’s 40, 40 percent.

And usually they’re like hovering around one hundred for a long time and then like someone like Almond wider in 97 or whatever.

Let’s say one thing real quick about Larry Guy, because, you know, he’s like Clinger, you know, because, you know, you’d like Clinger. It was funny. She dresses in women’s clothes, talks about Toledo, tries to get a S.A.S. name, but nobody would have watched Clinger. And that’s why Arthur Ashe didn’t last long after Max was awesome. And that’s the thing with Larry Teegan.

Yeah. And it’s it’s worth noting this movie is not about Lightning McQueen. He is very he is pushed to the side.

This movie is about the tow truck getting involved in, like international espionage with, you know, Carter. That talks like Michael Caine. So it is not like Owen Wilson with the sidekick. The sidekick has taken over the franchise.

Totally. Yeah. All right. Number three, it’s still Pixar.

It still looks great. I will go five point six.

Oh, wow. I’m surprised that I gave it a four because it rhymes with Boort and snore. So or so we’re all doing every day for more points to rhymes with whore. Right. Thanks for watching. Coronating.

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