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Hobbit: Unexpected Journey film critique by The Readables

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Full text transcript of the Hobbit Unexpected Journey film critique

Hey, guys, how’s it going? I hope you’re having a very good day, so I’m here to do my movie review for The Hobbit. I watched it on Thursday. It was fantastic. I loved it. It was amazing. So, yeah, this is going to be a biased review. I got review my love for The Hobbit. Just my thoughts, really, because a review should really be more critical than what I’m going to talk about.

But it’s fine. It’s OK. So I’ll put the movie input right up here. The Hobbit was, of course, released this weekend. It’s directed by Mr. Peter Jackson. Our actors include Martin Freeman, who plays Bilbo Baggins.

We have Ian McKellen, who plays Gandalf the Gray, and Richard Armitage, who plays Thor and Ocean Shield. And of course, we cannot forget Andy Serkis, who plays Gollum Miguel. Fantastic. I also watch the film in twenty four frames per second in three three.

I don’t think it’s necessary. It didn’t really add to my moviegoing experience. I didn’t see anything that was particularly, oh my gosh, interface 3D. Of course the twenty four frames per second was a no brainer for me. I’m not into the forty eight frames per second because it’s just too weird, too weird for me at this moment.

So right off the bat guys, let’s talk about the acting. I thought the acting was on point. Martin Freeman as Bilbo Baggins to see Bilbo this reluctant, apprehensive hobbit and to see him change throughout the film, to see him kick a just really gain more confidence in himself. And just to see him find his courage was just lovely.

It was fantastic. And we have Andy Serkis, who plays Gollum Smiggle. He is definitely one of my favorite characters in the film, along with Bilbo Baggins. That scene, both of them together in the caves doing the riddles. It was awesome. So good. Yeah, it was so funny just to see their chemistry and the dynamics between those two characters, those two actors was fantastic. And you can definitely see the advancement and CGI.

And just to see how detailed, how realistic Gollum looks today. And he looks so good. And of course, we have Richard Armitage, who plays Orange Shield and all the other dwarves. They all look fantastic. They all look really great. My favorite aspect in watching the dwarves was seeing them interact with each other, to see the chemistry, to see the bromance. It was all well and good. There were just so much fun, lots of comedic relief with certain characters. It was definitely a good time for me.

So acting on point, everyone played their characters to the tafel. Next guys, let’s talk about the plot, how the movie was paced, the length of the movie, because I’m a token enthusiast for sure. I did not mind the length of the film.

You know, you could feel that it’s a longer film for sure. It’s almost three hours long. It wasn’t like I was taking my cell phone every ten minutes to see when I would be done for me. I really love back story. My favorite aspects in reading books and watching movies is the whole introduction to this world and to the characters.

So the lengthy time they get into introducing characters and really setting up the backstory, I found that all well and good. After that one hour mark of introduction to the characters and the world and backstory, it really takes off from there are lots of adventure, lots of action.

And I really loved watching the dwarf. They know how to haul ass as well as kick ass at the same time, which was fantastic to see. And of course, we cannot forget the score, the music to The Hobbit. How short does it again? The score is fantastic in my head. I cannot stop thinking about it. Lastly, guys, let’s talk about the book to movie adaptation, because I read The Hobbit quite a while ago. It’s a bit hazy for me. Of course, I remember all the major bigger plot points in the book.

As you could tell from the beginning of this video, I’m in love with this movie. And so, of course, I didn’t mind any additions, alterations were there. Parts of the movie that were gratuitous didn’t really add to the plot line? Sure. Shrug I guess so.

But the movie was just visually stunning. It wasn’t like, this is boring. Can we just move on? Of course. I love the world and the characters and this adventure and what it means to these characters. So I was fully engaged to The Hobbit is definitely weaving in the Lord of the Rings storyline in there, and I do not mind that at all. Of course, The Hobbit is really about these dwarves getting their home back, Bilbo really finding himself throughout this journey.

So although the Lord of the Rings storyline is weaved into The Hobbit a little bit, I don’t believe it really takes away from the story of the dwarves and from Bilbo Baggins. So I thought that was really good. And lastly, you guys know my love for characters in books. I love them so much. And I was hoping that the film would get into the individual characteristics of the dwarves personality backstory of all the different characters.

A film does not do that, unfortunately. But guys, I have to admit that how they portrayed the dwarves at the beginning of the film was so great, even though I didn’t get to know them individually, get to see their backstory, I still really empathize and sympathize with their situation. And that’s what I was kind of missing when I first read The Hobbit, that I couldn’t really empathize with these characters.

And at the beginning of the film, we really get to see the dynamic between. Each of the dwarves and we really get to see how close they are, how much they care for each other, they’re pretty much each family, they’re brothers. And that really hit home with me. And that’s what I really loved about the Lord of the Rings, was this really great loyalty, friendship, camaraderie amongst the characters. And you could really see that amongst the company of the dwarves.

And so even though I didn’t really get to know them individually, if one of them happens to go missing or something really, really bad happens to them, my heart would totally break because they’re supposed to be together, all 13 of them, including Bilbo and Gandalf, just in the Lord of the Rings.

You know how it happened. My heart broke when things happened also. But to me, the comparison in the tone of the film really reflects the book. I really feel that The Hobbit really balances out the light hearted moment with the more darker elements of the story. With that being said, I’m going to give The Hobbit the film Five Stars out of five. You know, I can’t help it. I just adored it. So totally going there and back again for sure.

So that’s everything. Guys, are you guys going to watch The Hobbit? Please do. It’s so much fun. I feel The Hobbit really incorporates a lot of the things I love about the Lord of the Rings expanding on aspects of the book that you don’t get to know first hand or get little detail, but also the fight choreography.

The battle scene was just awesome. And you get the bromance. You do you get the really lovely characters. And I’ve heard and watch reviews on The Hobbit and I totally understand where they’re coming from and I understand their concerns. But for me, anyway, they’re kind of met with a half hearted shrug. So, yeah, I will talk to you guys later. Have a very good one. More videos to come. There are lots of videos, lots of writing to do this month. We’re having a very good holidays. I will talk to you later. Bye. Similarly, in 2013, people come on, who’s with me?


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