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Hi, I’m Andre, and I’m a Black American Review for you with Incredibles two, I gonna give you the good, the bad.

I might be the nerdy. I actually watched it in 40 x 40 X invited me to go see a screening of it. So I had the whole thing with the chair shaking in the heat and the sound and mist coming on in front of you. So that was a fun experience. Incredible. Two is so much fun. I can’t believe it’s been 14 years since we seen the original Incredibles on the big screen. But they are back and it feels like they never left, man. It just feels like the vibe of this movie completely connects with the last one is almost like they almost came out around the same time, except they came out fourteen years apart. But all the action, all the comedy, all the hard, all the Pixar Disney goodness is all in there. Incredibles two is a great continuation of the incredible story. It was a long wait but it was worth it. And what’s crazy too, after having a fourteen year span between the first one and the second one, there’s a little scene at the beginning that happens a little bit later in the timeline. But the movie literally starts right at the end of the first one. It’s crazy, but two movie to be split that far apart. And yet we connected that close together. But that’s one of the beauties of animation. You can make a movie years later and still just have it continue the story because it’s all drawn or computer. Yes, I had my theories or thoughts about The Incredibles two when it first got now, so maybe they’ll make it weird years later.

And the kids are adults now. There’s a new generation of superheroes and that sort of thing, but it kind of works out because you get to see the family again. You get to see their dynamics as a family. You get to see them dealing with having to hide their superpowers as well as dealing with domestic life. And when this new kind of wrinkle gets thrown into it with trying to bring Soopers back, it just kind of makes it like a very interesting continuing story of their adventures. The action is really beefed up a lot more in this movie because there’s so many different sequences where the supers have to use their powers to save people or save the day. You get to see a lot more of what a classic girl can do. You’re going to see Bob punching more things, even get to see a lot more frozen in this movie and see how he works. He’s total ice man mixed with Elsa, throw out ice and snow and all this kind of stuff. But you can see all the different variations of that. You see more violent using her force field turning invisible. You see Dash, of course, running fast. And then you get Jack. Jack who I don’t want to give too much away about Jack, Jack, as far as how his powers go. But it was great. Every scene with Jack Jack is hilarious and fun and crazy to see what he goes through.

He has a scene with a raccoon. He has a scene with Bob and the family. He has a scene with Edna Mode. I loved all of that stuff. The whole idea of bringing a lasting girl into the spotlight to use her as a tool to make it seem like supers are good and they should have their rights, that they should be able to live the way they want to live. It was a really cool story. I like how they made that work out. Of course, people are probably going be able to use the story to make some kind of metaphors about how people are treated in society, if they’re different or how they’re putting more of a limelight on her versus Bob. That’s more interpretation type stuff. But as a story, I thought it worked and it was fun to see her dynamic. Helen, the last two girls that I met with Bob because Bob is like proud of her, but at the same time, he wants to be a superhero so bad that the pressures of him having to wait until hopefully this plan comes out and works out fine and seeing his wife do all the superhero stuff that he wants to do, it’s just very funny because he’s always like, I’m proud of you, honey, but at the same time he’s like, I want to do it. So I always thought that was really cool dynamic. The art style is fantastic. That might be one of the advantages of waiting 14 years to make this movie if they were able to do some really cool stuff with his design.

There’s this one particular fight with the screen saver and with Helen Alastor girl. And it is it’s mesmerizing what happens on the screen. If you’ve got, like, issues with sometimes flashing lights or stuff like that, you might want to be a little careful. But I’m pretty sure they did everything in their power to make sure it doesn’t really take anybody off too much. But it was really neat to look at. I also think the movie was able to play with like different generations of superheroes. So The Incredibles kind of give this vibe of like the classic 60s style of superheroes. But eventually in the movie, they meet some other super heroes who are idols of them, and they come across more like the kitschy 80s style superheroes. Do they all have these wacky names and really kind of crazy, more extraordinary types of powers, really crazy, more like out there powers. Do you kind of saw more in the 80s. So I thought that was really neat how they could play around with that and they could show different eras of the superhero genre, put them all together in this movie, and yet nothing ever feels out of place. And then the villain screams screensaver kind of comes off like one of the more modern, dark, gritty type of super hero villains. There’s even a point where screen slavery is doing this whole dialogue that sounds so much like what you would hear in like a modern Marvel or DC film.

Like this villain could have been in a live action movie and still kind of worked the same way. But it’s kind of interesting to see a villain like Screen in Incredibles. The only problem I have with screen slavery is if you’ve seen the trailers, you’ve seen it’s a person in a mask on a television screen. So eventually you can assume that in the movie at some point screen slavery is going to be revealed. Who’s the identity of screen slavery? And my only issue with the film is that I knew who it was. But the entire time, like from moment one, I was like, I know exactly who screen slavery was. Not only. I know exactly who screensaver was when I was watching the movie, I knew who it was when they announced the cast of the movie, when they showed all the new characters that were going to be in this movie. I looked at one of them and when that’s going to be a million and when they were like, oh, there’s this little screenplay, I was like, yeah, I’m pretty sure that’s still going to be the villain. And sure enough, when I saw it, I’m not going to spoil who it is. I’m just saying I knew who it was. And the movie didn’t really do too much to try to throw me off guard. Not that many red herrings to prove me wrong. And then when I eventually got revealed, I was like, yup, oh, whoa, surprise.

You got me there. You know, I knew. And the only other criticism I could get in the movie is that it is a true sequel. Even the storyline itself is one of the supers are going out and doing superhero stuff while the other one stays at home with the kids. It was Bob going out in hell and saying, oh, I’m the first one, it’s hell and going out and Bob’s staying home. The second one, there’s some funny new dynamics as a result of that, but some stuff on repeat. And not only are they similar that you would see from The First Incredibles, but they’re also similar BS that you would just see in a superhero film or animated film like this before. But at the same time is this is a good fun way. It’s super enjoyable. It’s like when you go to a theme park and you had a great time with it and you haven’t been there in a while, you’re like, man, I want to revisit that theme park and you go back and it’s the exact same ride your riding is the exact same food you eat is the exact same fun you had the last time. But it was still fun. And that’s what I think about Incredibles two. It’s just another great fun film. Let’s get some nerdy stuff, though. Someone working on this movie really loves Johnny Quest because there’s a couple of Jonny Quest references in it. There’s one time when Johnny Quest is literally on a television screen and there’s another time where you see a building off in the distance and it’s called like Quest Labs or Quest Industries or something like that.

And the word quest on the building is written in the classic Jonny Quest logo. So I just thought that was neat. There’s also an Outer Limits reference. And make sure you get to the movie early because they show a short before the movie is really adorable movie about a woman and a dumpling. And it’s very, very cute, is very sweet. It’s very funny. And it’s one of them is one of them Pixar things where they don’t get you with them. Pixar tears like right before that thing in five minutes out you be like Incredibles two. It’s definitely worth seeing. I enjoyed it. But just if you want to see it in regular to do your duty. Yes. Incredibles two thumbs up all about it. Let me know if you’re going to see Incredibles two or if you did see Incredibles two, what did you think about it? And is there any movie from years ago that you think needs to come back and have a sequel? Incredibles can take fourteen years. Some other movie could probably do it too. You tell me what that movie should be. Thank you so much for watching this video. If you’re new here, please subscribe to my channel. You can also follow me on social media and watch me live occasionally on Twitch. I love you like a play cousin. I’m Audi 5000.

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