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We have reached it, folks, we have reached that time, but I’m not looking forward to hearing a Star Wars movie still going to go. We’re going to get through this trying time. So solo, a Star Wars movie is the origin story of Han Solo that no one really asked for. And then when Lordan Miller, the original directors, made a version of this movie, no one asked for that. Kathleen Kennedy didn’t like she can them and then brought in Ron Howard. And now he’s directed solo a Star Wars story. And essentially the plot is we get to see Han Solo, get everything we know about Han Solo. But among that plot, Han Solo joins a crew in which they have to get this item is the item and had to deliver it to Paul Bettany, super crime boss. I’ll say this about Aldan Aaron Reich, who plays Han Solo. Dude was better than I thought it was going to be. That’s probably because I really thought he was going to suck in all the trailers. He didn’t impress me, but there were a couple of moments where I was like, that does seem like young Han Solo good on him. Credit where credit’s due, but he doesn’t stand out. It’s not like I’m like Alvin Aaron Reich. Only dude who could have done it feel like there are a few people who could play at home. So it would have been just as fine. The Twitter chatter has told you Donald Glover is the best part of the movie. That’s probably true. He probably does do the best job. I don’t know what that means. I mean, you compare him to everyone else. You’re like he’s he’s just much better than a lot of you. Full disclosure, I am a huge Donald Glover fan. Childish Gambino has solidified himself as the working artist of our time. I love the baby. My love for Donald Glover’s making it like not so good as Landucci. I don’t think that’s it because I genuinely think he was great as Landucci. He had charm. He had charisma. Granted, before we meet him, we are told he is charming and has charisma. The funny cinema, they did that, but I thought he was good. Also, I do like the horn meeting chewy thing. I guess if there is one meeting that’s the meeting you don’t want to screw up in this movie. I actually like them meeting and it does hearken back to the legends lore. But really the pacing in this movie sucks and the movie just comes across as. But already the movie is boring, you might hear some flag terms like it’s a fun summer adventure. It’s not it can’t be fun because the pacing sucks, doesn’t matter what season it’s meant for. The first act of this movie is a mix of, all right, it’s taken a while to get going. And then it’s like, all right, time jump. But it doesn’t fix the pacing. Just makes the pacing Solo: A Star Wars Story movie reviewshoddier look all right. That’s bad pacing and time, John. Cool. And I don’t know what they kept from the Lord and Miller cut and the Ron Howard cut to be Ron Howard is credited as the director of this movie. So I just assumed he refilled the movie from the ground up. But there are a couple of moments where it’s like, all right, supposed to be sentimental moment. I’m over it. Let’s go do something else, OK? Did you give a sense to the conflict and tone and conflict and pacing could be the result of two different directing styles clashing, or it could be the result of the director of the heart of the sea bringing his pacing to the game. That’s actually kind of harsh. This movie does have better pacing than the fucking whale movie that Ron Howard directed. Did not good. Not good for a heist movie. I mean, there is a scene where they’re on this planet, they’re doing the job, and then just an action sequence breaks out. And it came across like that conveyor belt scene in Attack of the Clones. Like the story is George Lucas was like, this needs something else there. And he just wrote in a conveyor belts and came across like shit from a video game where you fight Joe Wenko the lava. It came across like that. I feel like they were filming the movie. They’re like they’re doing the job. Nothing’s really happening. Something has to happen here. All right, we’ll just do this and get an action sequence going. It doesn’t organically we’ve it doesn’t flow at the movies, detonators or flying laser blasts or going. And it happens because it’s Star Wars and that’s what happens in a star war. Granted, resistance when pulling off a heist is going to happen, it’s expected. It just so happens that what they ran into wasn’t resistance. It was just an action sequence and action sequence that wasn’t really the result of them doing their heist. Could it have happened more organically with the film? One of the things the movie is really lacking is a real antagonist. This movie has no real bad guy. It is a space heist film. We’ll take Ocean’s Eleven, for example. There’s no Andy Garcia character. Even when Andy Garcia wasn’t on screen, you knew they just had to avoid this guy at all costs. I was bad news. Don’t let them see. This movie doesn’t have that character. Paul Bettany is in a scene and a half and he’s just he’s worlds away. There is this asshole who comes around and causes problems a couple times. That’s not the main threat. The main threat in this movie is time to get the merchandise and deliver it in a certain amount of time. The merchandise timing itself, that’s the real threat. That’s the most boring villain ever. You take rogue one. The critic was that guy. You take the original Star Wars movies. Darth Vader is that guy Force Awakens. Kylo Ren is that guy. This is like if The Force Awakens happens, Ilorin wasn’t in the movie at all. Just Hucks sat around, was in a scene and a half, and Captain Forssmann showed up a couple of times and did a couple of things. Those were your villains? I did like Paul Bettany when he was on screen. Like if Paul Bettany had more screen time, I probably would have enjoyed this movie more. Paul Bettany seems like the one who’s having fun in this movie. Oh, him and Donald Glover. Oh, holy shit. I forgot Woody Harrelson was even in the movie until just now. Like Watch World We Live In, we’re Woody Harrelson character doesn’t even stand out. Really. What carries this movie are the references. This movie is constructed for you to see something happen with Han Solo that ties back to Han Solo that we know from the original trilogy. So you can be like the Captain America meme from The Avengers and be like, I understood that reference. That’s it. That’s really what carries this movie. Like Deadpool to a movie I enjoyed does rely on references. Also what the references really are jokes. Deadpool too relies on jokes. So happens a lot of those jokes in that movie. Our fourth wall breaking references, the references in Han Solo aren’t jokes. They don’t make you laugh. It makes you go nuts. Not enough to carry a movie. It’s not enough to make a good movie. I mean, the movie has a couple good moments of banter. It has one chase sequence in particular is probably the only chase sequence I remember in the movie is actually pretty good, but the movie by the end is just really predictable. This movie springboards off of the flaws of Star Wars movies that have come before it, not the strength. This is essentially just pick a generic sci fi movie, SLAPP Star Wars label on it. That’s this movie. But if new Star Wars movies are meant for a new generation, I feel like a new generation deserves better than this. I’m not going to remember this movie. In fact, I’m not going to remember this movie in T minus one day or two for guys score game Attack of the Clones. Take it as you will. It’s a solo a Star Wars story. Are you looking forward to it? What are you hoping to say? Whatever you think, comment below. Let me know. And as always, if you like what you’ve seen here and you want to see more, click right here to see more. You all look great today. If I told you that I come in, section is going to be fun.
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