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Elysium critique- video review by Jeremy Jahns

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Full text transcript of Elysium critique

A movie where Matt Damon becomes a cyborg then goes to infiltrate the Citadel in Mass Effect. Yeah, let’s let’s watch that, like right now.

Elysium so welcomes written and directed by Neill Blomkamp, the director of District nine and Future Earth in this movie is pretty much future Earth. And most movies, except back to the future, to its overpopulated, is polluted. It’s pretty much a shithole. So all the really rich people on Earth built this space habitat. Pretty much. I hate it when people over compare things in sci fi movies to Mass Effect because not all things sci fi or mass effect. It’s just a fact. But I really do mean it when I say this thing that all the rich people from Earth are living on the this is the Citadel from Mass Effect or a halo in the Halo games. It’s a whole colony and they all live there and up there. It’s awesome. It’s like a Garden of Eden in space. Everything’s great, everything is all shiny. They listen to classical music, sip their brandy, they have great medical. You can get your nuts blown off and then lay down in this bed. But this computer will go off 5th Element, rebuild your balls and you’re like, all right, good to go. Pretty awesome up there in Alysha. Down on earth, it’s a shit tank. And then for good reasons in the movie, which I like, that this movie gave us a good reason for it.

Matt Damon’s like, I’m going to invade Elysium now. We have our movie. Surprisingly, most of the movie doesn’t take place until his team is down here on Earth. And more surprisingly, that didn’t bother me. I mean, talking about Matt Damon getting cybernetic implants and invading Elysium, it sounds more sci fi action movie than it is a sci fi movie. Yes, it is. No doubt. Action movie. Not really. The cool thing about Neill Blomkamp movies, all two of them say he incorporates social dynamics and will say social issues that we see in our world and puts them in his movies. That’s half the interesting stuff right there. It’s just cool to see this world in the world is really engrossing. This movie is just sucking you into the world. You know, you feel it feels like it’s a real thing because it’s just an exaggeration of what we already have on Earth. And the people in this movie did a good job. Matt Damon’s a badass dude was Jason Bourne. So we know that he can be an action star, although I just said this isn’t really an action movie as much, but it does have action and important that the guy is a good actor. And you have Jodie Foster, she’s more or less running Elysium. She was good.

But you feel like any middle aged actress who’s a good actress could get a really short haircut, act like a bitch and be like, OK, you’re pulling it off to turns out Jodie Foster does it well also. But we’re going to talk about this here, because this dude steals the show.

Sharlto Copley, the guy from District nine, he plays the villain in this movie. He’s the mercenary that’s going after Matt Damon and company. Imagine the Terminator who had a few wires loose in his ads. It was kind of crazy. That’s him in this movie. And this dude is menacing. He’s awesome. He’s cold. He’s just it’s uncomfortable. He steals all the scenes he’s in and he is clearly the best thing about this movie. And I don’t mean that as a negative for the movie Elysium. You know, usually when people are like the best thing about the movie was this thing and they mean it as a negative for the movie, not this case. Belizeans great. It has a lot of great things in it. And in this pool of greatness, there is one great that is the greatest, and that’s this guy. And it shows his crazy range as an actor. District nine, he was this mild mannered office guy, just funny because in District nine he had a whole character story arc. So we ended. The movie is a different kind of guy that he was in the beginning. So that was impressive right there. Then it was howling mad Murdock in the 80s. So it was all crazy, but like in a fun way, not like he is in Elysium where he’s just a really sick son of a bitch. And now you have him in this movie and he’s a menacing psycho.

I think this guy could play Barack Obama and I’d be like that is Obama right? There he is. So he’s pulling it off. And I believe it’s actually him doing this guy’s crazy.

I can’t praise him enough. I’m just really impressed by him and I’m really surprised he’s not in more things. In the end, election was a great sci fi. He had a great hero, a great villain, a great social message. You could argue that it gets a little preachy. And whether you agree with the message or you don’t agree with the message, this is how I see it. At least we see a director pouring some passion into his movie. And in 2013, let’s face it, it’s just good to see a director do that, because so far you have as it’s establishing the world you’re seeing, it gives a lot of information in a short amount of time. So it does seem like it’s rapid fire. It’s a bit overloading at times, but it doesn’t hold the entire movie back.

If you’re looking for a really good sci fi with a lot of really good human elements, this Elysium really did it for me and my friends. Elysium is awesome, Taxila.

All right, so we’ll see him, have you seen it and what did you think about it? Whatever you thought, comment below. Let me know. And as always, if you’d like what you’ve seen here and you want to see more, click right here to see more.



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