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Hey, did you guys move? We sure did. We moved to Elysium and listen, it’s great, crystal clear water. I have a PlayStation. Forty seven and one hundred and seventy five screen television. Thanks for the great housewarming party.

Oh, we canceled that one. You can clean the house if you want.

Hello, Shadowville. Well, you guys may or may not know, this is my most anticipated film of the summer and we are talking about Elysium, the new movie from Neill Blomkamp. It’s the haves and the have nots in a futuristic world.

It’s kind of like Robocop meets The Great Gatsby. So you have Earth and it’s like this impoverished wasteland with everybody running around. There’s need of medical care. Everybody’s sick, they’re dying. It’s just not a fun place to live. Then we’re off in the distance. There’s a satellite and it looks like a fancy hood ornament on a fancy car. Why? Because that’s the least. And that’s where the rich people who can drive the Mercedes now live.

Yeah, it’s about one hundred fifty or so odd years into the future. Look, this is Neill Blomkamp follow up movie to District nine and to make this clear. So some people didn’t realize last time we had this follow up means his next film, not a sequel. So it is a follow up to the last movie. And you see the similarities for sure.

It definitely has a message. It’s got it’s got an apocalyptic kind of feel to it. And I got to tell you something. I like District nine. I loved Alicia. I’m a huge fan of this movie. Get on board with me, buddy. I’m not there.

Ha ha ha. Look hot out here.

Here’s the thing. There are things there are things that I loved about this movie, and then there’s things that I just like I don’t I don’t know. And I seem to be the only one of the people that we saw that feels this way. But here are the things that I love first.

Ok, this guy is a visual master. And I don’t mean I don’t mean like a Zack Snyder type of thing.

I mean a guy that can just add elements to this movie that that goes with the story for sure. But you’re just watching what he does. And it is incredible the way he moves the camera and the visual effects that he uses for like there’s a certain thing with the first robot killed. Yeah, yeah.

Well, it was awesome. This guy got such a unique visual style and a way that he tells the story that, you know, it’s now Neill Blomkamp. I’m so happy that his movies may take place in the future. I’m glad we got this guy while I’m on planet Earth, because, man, I cannot wait to see where this guy goes from here and he knows how to cast a picture. You’ve got to give him that.

He’s a brilliant filmmaker and he’s really great. Matt Damon is in this role as the guy who plays Max, who always strives to get to Aleesha him, and then something happens and he kind of has to go. So you see in the trailer they put this thing on him. This kind of looks so. Yeah, yeah. And he’s got to figure a way to get to Elysium.

And Matt Damon is great. They’re all Matt Damon has proven himself as an action hero. He’s done it before.

And I don’t want anybody else in this role watching this movie. I was so on board with Matt Damon, I was like, that’s the only guy that I don’t want Tom Cruise doing the oblivion thing. I want Damon right now. And you get him and he’s at his best.

Another thing I love about the movie is the villain who is the hero in District nine. You know, it’s not auto complete vision thing. I know. I know. I know. Now, I’ll tell you what, this guy is incredible. Yes. Movie and probably the best thing in the film. And because it shows what a great actor he was, because he played that kind of like such range. And in District nine, he was just such like a peasant.

And then, you know, like a shy, like nebbishy kind of guy. Then he goes from that into playing Murdoch in the 80s and then he comes back and now he’s playing this really mean, menacing, menacing, just like he’s stuck on earth.

But he still works for the the government of Elysium, more so Jodie Jodie Foster. And he’s just he just really is. He plays a great foil throughout this movie. And he was really fun to watch.

Yeah. Another female and predator to want to get her out of the way. She was in Predators and then she’s in this her name escapes me, but she’s not bad to look at and she’s very good as kind of a love interest. She’s got to Alesund for very different reasons as well.

Well, then let me start off with one of the things I didn’t like, OK? She is one of the things I didn’t like, I thought she didn’t have. I think she’s a great actress. No, no, I think she’s a good actress. Normally in this movie, there are a lot of things that there was big things that were happening and she reacted to him the same way she would have someone, like, ripped apart in the living room.

She just kind of I mean, you you have gas issues.

You’ve been bringing that up a lot and said, well, I’m just telling you something going on. It’s a good basis of comparison.

You want to see him get that gastrointestinal stuff cleared up, man. Here’s where I’ll spot you. Something is that I can see where Jodie Foster’s performance might divide the audience. Me, I ended up liking it. She spoke with this really weird, kind of elegant, very futuristic, nouveau riche kind of tone. And I like that. I like when I take a risk with how it sounds in the future. Wasn’t as silly.

Something like Cloud Atlas. No, she didn’t. Or or after she didn’t bother me as much as I thought she may have. What bothered me about her was what bothered me was a lot of these things. The movie was the character like District nine I loved and what I loved about, let’s say, from our boy that played Murdock and what’s his name, Sharlto Copley. So proud of himself in District nine. He had an A and a B where he went his character, not like even Matt Damon. He starts the same one way and he ends the same way. No one had any character arcs. Everyone stayed the same.

And it was like Man of steel that they were on your side. They were all on your side throughout this thing, and they all were against me because I don’t love this. And now they’re back on my side. My main problem with the movie, and this could be something that totally goes away if I watch it again, I don’t know, OK, hit me. We all know that Neill Blomkamp likes to play with themes that are going on today, a.k.a. apartheid for District nine.

Yeah, this is health care and it is very clearly health care. And it beat you over the head with health care. You’re either OK with that or you’re on my side. We’re just like, all right. I mean, I still wanted to see more of a sci fi story. And not just I get the message. I understand there is a message, but and it’s a very clear message.

But beating over the head, I don’t think it beats you over the head at all. I think there’s a lot of fun to be had with this movie. Yes, it has a message. It’s kind of listen to you, too. Are they really preachy? Yeah, they are. But they also rock. And that’s what this movie was. It was it was it was it was a great message film as well as a really cool science fiction futuristic flick. Loved it.

Ok, listen, I get this and I and I don’t think that I can really argue with anybody. I just I really want to see it again.

I think the first time I’ve seen it, I won’t use it first. Yeah. Oh really. Yeah. OK, are you ready. I’m going. Oh Elysium.

I love this movie right now. You know what this is. No way.

No, this is Mr. Blomkamp. You can’t read it from here. This is an IOU and this is IOU Starwars. You can make any Star Wars movie you want. I’m signing off on it. Congratulations. Have fun with the universe that I love so much. You’ve earned it, champ.

Wow. Yeah. Wow. I had a blast. There’s some questions that I had about some of the wait. Why would that work that way? How come this didn’t happen? But all of that sometimes goes away when a film elevates you to another place. And that’s what this did for me. I’m on ABC. See?

Well, listen, guys, I know you’re not going to be on my side on this one. And I implore you to go see the movie first. Come back and tell me what you think. I’m going three out of five on it. I liked the movie. I know my score could change once I see it again. I don’t know if the way I feel right now and the way that I’m watching it, I was just a little using an elitism, underwhelmed.

Ok, can I borrow some? Yeah. Just from prior experience, you’re not allowed to change your score at this. You may feel that way, but you’re not.

No, that’s fine. I’m just telling you, when I see it again, because this is a movie to me, it is a well done, well crafted movie. No doubt about it. Acting is good all around the board with the exceptions of the two movies that I mentioned. And that’s good. It’s just the way I felt about the movie going out of it. I just felt like health care, health care. I didn’t want to be hit with the two of us. We got eight out of five schmoes. Fine.

And that’s enough to get you one ticket to election. And I think we know who’s going that. You’ve been prepping that thing. All right. Oh, all right. Well, how about you guys comment on this video and quick, like, let us know what you think about it. Lisa, are you excited? Did you are District nine? Is this your most anticipated summer like it was for that guy?

And will a message film bother you or are you excited for that element of it all?

Tonight’s our podcast, You’re not going to be there, but I am joined by Tiffany Smith, as always, and we welcome Lucasville from the new movie Paranoia he’s having from Axman. And Aaron Darling from Clever Movies is going to be joining us as well. It’s going to be a hell of a show she’s always home to. And I bet she liked that. She did. I talked to her about.

Oh, really?.


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